Alekhya Name Meaning

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Alekhya is a name, meaning of the name is "" from or origin. This name is mainly used in .

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One thought on “Alekhya”

  1. alekhya is an indian name,used for female girls. used mostly by hindus next muslims & in least christians.alekhya in telugu means which cant be described in written format(unwritten).alekhya in sanskrit means which cant be counted(uncountable,infinite). alekhya named has helped maharshi valmiki in writing valmiki raamayanam in forest, here alekhya is nature god who doesnt have no description,no structure & unseen.alekhya means infinity,uncountable,unwritten,uncompatible,unbeatable…. which represents universe. other means of alekhya a doll,a painting,a warrior,a constant picture.

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