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Hemanshi is a , name, meaning of the name is "" from origin. This name is mainly used in , .

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  1. Meaning of Sanskrit boy names starting from letter H

    >> Haiman हैमन- relating or
    belonging or suitable
    to winter, winterly ,wintry , cold
    ,the month
    Mārgashīrsha (November-
    December) ,a kind of
    rice which grows in winter,
    winter , cold, golden
    � Haimant हैमन्त- wintry ,
    relating or suitable to
    or growing in winter
    ♣Haimantik हैमन्तिक- cold,
    ♥ Haimal हैमल- winter, wintry,
    > Haimavat हैमवत- belonging to or
    situated or
    growing on or bred in or coming
    or flowing from
    the Himalaya mountains ,snowy ,
    covered with
    a kind of vegetable poison, (pl.)
    the inhabitants of
    the HimAlaya mountains
    》Hemakar/Hemkar हेमकर- ”
    golden-worker ” ,
    Name of lord Shiva. Here हेम
    means golden +कर
    means doing, making, worker
    � Hemakaar/Hemkaar हेमकार- a
    goldsmith. Here
    हेम means gold + कार means
    ▶ Hemakinjalak/Hemkinjalak
    golden filaments, ” having golden
    filaments” , the
    Nāgakesara flower. Here हेम
    means golden +
    किञ्जलक means filaments
    # Hemakarak/Hemkarak हेमकरक- a
    golden vase.
    Here हेम means golden + करक
    means vase
    ◆ Hemakartri/Hemkartri हेमकर्तृ- a
    a kind of bird. Here हेम means
    gold + कर्तृ means
    maker, one who does or makes
    @ Hemakalash/Hemkalash
    हेमकलश- a golden
    pinnacle or cupola. Here हेम
    means gold + कलश
    means pinnacle
    # Hemabhadrik/Hembhadrik
    हेमभद्रिक- wearing a
    golden amulet. Here हेम means
    golden + भद्रिक
    means one wearing amulet
    @ Hemaprabh हेमप्रभ-” having a
    golden lustre “.
    Here हेम means golden + प्रभ
    means lustre
    @ Harshavihval/Harshvihval
    हर्षविह्वल -agitated with joy,
    overjoyed. Here हर्ष means
    pleasure + विह्वल means agitated
    ■ Harshakul हर्षाकुल -agitated
    with joy. Here हर्ष means joy +
    आकुल means agitated
    @ Harshatishay हर्षातिशय-
    excess of joy. Here हर्ष means
    happiness + अतिशय means excess
    ■ Harshavisht हर्षाविष्ट –
    penetrated or filled with joy.
    Here हर्ष means joy + आविष्ट
    means filled with
    @ Harshotkarsh हर्षोत्कर्ष- excess
    of happiness. Here हर्ष means joy
    + उत्कर्ष means hapiness
    ♥ Harshak हर्षक -thrilling
    ,gladdening , delighting
    £ Harshan हर्षण -causing the hair
    of the body to
    stand erect, thrilling with joy or
    , gladdening, “gladdener ” Name
    of one of the five arrows of
    Kāma-deva, ” a deity presiding
    over Shrāddha”, the 14th of
    theastron Lit. Yogas. “), bristling ,
    erection, erection of the sexual
    organ , sexual excitement, the act
    of delighting, joy
    ▼ Harshaniya हर्षणीय -delightful ,
    @ Harshayitnu हर्षयित्नु –
    gladdening , causing delight, a
    son, gold
    ■ Harshit हर्षित -made to stand
    erect, bristling (as
    hair ), gladdened, charmed,
    pleased ,happy, joy
    ▼ Harshul हर्षुल- disposed to be
    cheerful or happy, delighted, a
    lover, a deer, Name of Buddha
    @ Harshin हर्षिन् -becoming rigid
    or firm, joyful , joyfully
    ,anticipating, rejoicing
    ● Harshuk हर्षुक -gladdening,
    ▲ Harshumat हर्षुमत् -exciting ,
    ♥ Harman हर्मन्- gaping ,
    # Harmit हर्मित- thrown, burnt
    ▲ Harak हरक- a taker, seizer,
    conveyer, a rogue, cheat, a
    reflecting person, Name of lord
    Shiva शिव , a divisor or division,
    a long flexible sword
    @ Haarak हारक- taking ,seizing ,
    robbing ,removing , taking upon
    one’s self, ravishing , captivating,
    a thief, a gambler , cheat ,a
    a string of pearls, Trophis
    a kind of prose composition, a
    kind of science
    £ Haarin हारिन्- taking ,carrying
    , carrying away ,robbing,
    removing ,destroying, taking to
    one’s self , appropriating
    ,surpassing ,
    ravishing, charming, having or
    wearing a garland of pearls
    ▼ Harikanth/Haarikanth
    हारिकण्ठ- ” having a charming
    throat (i.e. voice) “, ” having a
    string of pearls round the neck” ,
    ” having a ring on the throat
    ” ,the Koil or Indian cuckoo
    ▼ Harun हरुण- a particular high
    @ Haaruk हारुक- seizing
    @ Harikant हरिकान्त -dear to
    lord Indra, beautiful as a lion.
    Here हरि
    means Indra + कान्त means dear
    # Hasan हसन -laughter, laughing,
    jesting or sporting with.It should
    not be confused with muslim
    name ‘Hassan’
    ● Haasan हासन -causing laughter,
    # Haas हास -laughing, jest,
    whiteness, pride, arrogance,
    ♥ Hasas/Haasas हासस् -moon
    # Hasat हसत् -laughing, excelling,
    # Hasak हासक -laughter, jester,
    ▼ Hasakrit हसकृत -causing mirth or
    laughter. Here हस means mirth +
    कृत् means causing
    # Hasamud हसामुद् -laughing
    merrily. Here हस means laugh +
    आमुद् means merrily
    # Hasakar हासकर- laughing,
    causing to laugh, provoking
    laughter. Here हास means laugh
    + कर means causing
    * Hasanik हासनिक- play-fellow
    ▼ Haasin हासिन्-
    smiling,dazzingly white,brilliant
    ★ Haskaar/Haskar हस्कार -smile,
    ▲ Hastin हस्तिन् -clever or
    dexterous with hands, having
    hands, having an elephant,
    elephant, chief or best of its
    kind, kind of drug & perfume, a
    kind of plant
    # Hastak हस्तक -hand, position of
    hand, hand as a measure of
    length, turn-spit
    # Hastavat हस्तवत् -having hand,
    dexterous with hands
    @ Hastik हस्तिक -toy elephant,
    multitude of elephants
    # Haastik हास्तिक -consisting of
    elephants, elephant-rider,
    multitude of elephants
    # Hastip हस्तिप- elephant-keeper,
    elephant driver. Here हस्ति
    means elephant + प/पा meaning
    # Himavil हिमाविल -covered
    with snow. Here हिम means
    snow + आविल means covered
    ▲ Himaval हिमवल -pearl
    # Himavat/Himwat हिमवत्/हिमवत
    -snow-clad, snowy, another
    name of mountain Himalya
    having frost or snow, [Name of
    father of godess Parvati] .Here
    हिम means
    snow + वत् means having
    # Himavan हिमवान्-snowy, icy,
    having frost or snow, [another
    name of king Himavat who was
    father o godess Parvati
    &husband of Apsara
    ‘Mena/Menaka’ ]. Here हिम
    means snow/ice + वान् as a suffix
    means one having or possessing
    ☆ Himakiran हिमकिरण -cold
    rayed [moon]. Here हिम means
    cold/cool + किरण means ray
    # Himagu हिमगु -cold rayed
    (moon). Here हिम means cold + गु
    means rayed/ray
    # Himabhanu हिमभानु -having
    cool lustre, moon. Here हिम
    means cool + भानु means lusture
    #Himatvish हिमत्विष्-having cool
    rays, moon.It is joining of two
    words हिम + त्विष् .Here हिम
    means cool/cold & त्विष् means
    ▶ Himanshu हिमांशु-cold rayed,
    moon.Here हिम means cold + अंशु
    means ray
    ¥ Himarasmi हिमरश्मि -cold
    rayed, moon .Here हिम means
    cold + रश्मि
    means ray
    # Himagaur हिमगौर -white as
    snow.Here हिम means snow +
    गौर means white
    # Himakut/Himkoot हिमकूट –
    winter # Hul हुल्- to go, to cover ,
    conceal, to kill
    > Hul हुल- a particular kind of
    warlike implement,
    a double-edged knife with two
    sharp edges
    ♥ Hem हेम- a particular weight of
    gold, a horse of
    a dark or brownish colour, Name
    of Buddha , gold,
    decorated with a golden crescent
    (as a chariot)
    ♣ Hemak हेमक- gold, a piece of
    ♥ Hemal हेमल- a goldsmith, a
    touchstone, a
    ■ Hemyavat/Hemyaavat हेम्यावत्-
    having golden
    trappings or a golden girth
    ♥ Heman हेमन्- impulse, gold,
    water, winter, ” in
    the winter “, a gold piece ,(pl.)
    golden ornaments,
    Mesua Roxburghii, the thorn-
    > Heman हेमन- golden
    @ Hemant हेमन्त- winter , the cold
    (comprising the two months
    Agra-hāyaṇa and
    Pausha i.e. from middle of
    November to middle of
    � Hemantanath/HemantNath
    हेमन्तनाथ- ” lord of
    winter ” , the wood-apple tree
    @ Hemantamegh हेमन्तमेघ- a
    winter-cloud. Here
    हेमन्त means winter + मेघ means
    � Hemantanil हेमन्तानिल- a
    winter wind. Here हेमन्त
    means winter + अनिल means
    ■ Hemantant हेमन्तान्त- the end of
    winter. Here
    हेमन्त means winter + अन्त means
    ♥ Hemaval/Hemawal/Hemval
    हेमवल- a pearl
    � Haim हैम- wintry , brumal,
    caused or produced
    by snow or ice, covered with
    snow, relating to or
    coming from the Himalaya (as
    pearls), hoar-frost
    , dew, golden , consisting or
    made of gold, of a
    golden yellow colour, Name of
    lord Shiva,
    Gentiana Cherayta, Pandanus
    # Harisunu हरिसूनु -son of
    ‘Hari’ ,son of Lord
    ‘Indra'( इन्द्र).In general ‘Hari’
    means lord Vishnu as well as
    Lord Indra. A name of
    ‘Arjuna'(अर्जुन). Here हरि means
    Indra + सुत means son
    # Harisut हरिसुत -son of Lord
    ‘Indra’, a name of ‘Arjuna’
    ▶ Haris/Haaris हारिस -a
    particular high number
    # Hariv हरिव -a particular high
    ● Harish हरिष -joy
    ♧ Harish/Hareesh हरीश -lord of
    monkeys, Lord Hanuman. Here
    हरि means monkey + ईश means
    # Harij हरिज -horizon,
    longitudinal parallax
    ■ Haarin हारिन् -having or
    wearing a garland of pearls,
    exceeding, surpassing, taking
    # Harin हरिण -deer
    # Harshamay हर्षमय -whose
    essence or nature is of joy. Here
    हर्ष means happiness + मय means
    one having
    ● Harshoday हर्षोदय -rise of joy,
    occurrence of joy. Here हर्ष
    means pleasure + उदय means rise
    # Harshasvan हर्षस्वन -sound of
    pleasure, cry of joy. Here हर्ष
    means happiness + स्वन means
    # Harshanvit हर्षान्वित -happy,
    full of joy. Here हर्ष means
    happiness + अन्वित means full of
    ☆ Harshanisvan हर्षनिस्वन -cheer
    #Harshvat हर्षवत् -full of joy. Here
    हर्ष means pleasure + वत् means
    one having
    ● Harshakar हर्षकर -causing joy.
    Here हर्ष means joy + कर means
    ▼ Harshin हर्षिन् -joyful,
    delighting, anticipating,
    becoming rigid or firm
    # Himashail हिमशैल -snow-
    mountain. Here हिम means snow
    + शैल means mountain
    # Himasital हिमसीतल -very cold
    or frosty, freezing. It is joining of
    हिम + सीतल. Both words means
    cold ,frosty
    ▼ Hanil/Haneel हनील -fragrant
    crew pine
    #Himashrath हिमश्रथ -moon,
    shedding cold, loosening or
    melting of snow. Here हिम
    means snow
    ,cold + श्रथ means shedding,
    ♥ Himelu हिमेलु -chilly, suffering
    from cold
    # Himasrut हिमस्रुत -moon,
    distilling cold. Here हिम means
    cold + स्रुत means distilling
    ◆ Himarun हिमारुण -grey with
    £ Himarati हिमाराति -sun,
    enemy of cold (fire), kind of
    plant. Here हिम means cold +
    आराति means enemy
    # Himart/Himaart हिमार्त –
    chilled, pinched with cold, frozen
    # Himabh हिमाभ -resembling
    cold, like snow or frost. Here हिम
    means snow + आभ means
    * Himabj/Himaabj हिमाब्ज -blue
    lotus. It is formed by joining of
    हिम +अब्ज. Here हिम means blue
    & अब्ज means born in water or
    # Hul हुल -particular kind of
    warlike implement, double-edged
    knife with 2 sharp edges
    ☆ Hull हुल्ल -kind of dance
    # Hitavadin हितवादिन् -well
    wisher, friendly counsellor or
    ♣ Hun हुन -sacrifice
    # Hoon हून -gold coin
    ☆ Himn/Himna हिम्न -planet
    # Himya हिम्य -covered with
    snow, snowy
    ● Hitavachan हितवचन -friendly
    advice, good counsel. Here हित
    means welfare + वचन means
    ☆ Himag हिमाग -Himalaya,
    snow-mountain. Here हिम means
    snow + अग means mountain
    ◆ Himal हिमाल -Himalaya
    ◀ Himit हिमित -changed into
    snow or ice
    # Himant हिमान्त -end of cold
    season. Here हिम means cold
    season + अन्त means end
    # Homya होम्य -clarified butter
    ■ Haumya हौम्य -clarified butter
    # Helug हेलुग -particular high
    ~ Hutabhuj हुतभुज्- ” oblation-eater
    ” , fire. Here हुत
    means oblation + भुज् means eater
    � Hutavah हुतवह- ” oblation-
    bearer ” , Agni or fire. Here हुत
    means oblation + वह means
    � Hutahom हुतहोम- one who has
    offered oblation
    》Hutansh हुतांश- a part of an
    oblation. Here हुत
    means oblation + अंश means part
    ▼ Hutagni/Hutaagni हुताग्नि-one
    who has offered oblations in fire,
    fire with which an oblation is
    made. Here हुत means oblation +
    अग्नि means fire
    ◀ Hutad/Hutaad हुताद्- eating the
    ♥ Hutash/Hutaash हुताश-
    oblation-eater ,fire, Name of the
    number ” three “, Plumbago
    Ceylanica, fear. Here हुत means
    oblation + अश means eater
    ◆ Hutashasut/Hutashsut हुताशसुत-”
    Agni’s sons “.
    Here हुताश means lord Agni + सुत
    means son
    � Hutashan/Hutaashan हुताशन- ”
    oblation-eater” , fire. Here हुत
    means oblation + अशन means
    � Huruk हुरुक्- away, apart,
    amongst, below
    》Hiruk हिरुक्- off ,away , out of
    sight of (abl.), aside , apart ,
    without, in the midst of ,
    amongst, near, below
    ■ Hurash हुरश्- surreptitiously,
    * Huras हुरस्- surreptitiously
    � Hridayy/Hridayyya हृदय्य-
    being in the heart , heart-felt,
    dear to the heart
    # Hridishay हृदिशय- lying or
    remaining in the heart. Here हृदि
    means heart + शय means lying
    》Hridisth हृदिस्थ- being in the
    heart, beloved , dear
    � Hridisprish हृदिस्पृश- touching
    the heart ,charming , lovely.
    Here हृदि means heart + स्पृश्/ स्पृश
    means touching
    ★ Hridik हृदिक -having a heart,
    tender or good hearted
    > Hridya हृद्य- being in the heart ,
    internal , inward, innermost,
    pleasing or dear to the heart,
    beloved ,cherished, grateful ,
    pleasant ,
    charming, pleasant to the
    stomach savoury , dainty (as
    food), proceeding from or
    produced in the heart, the wood-
    apple tree
    @ Hridyagandh हृद्यगन्ध- smelling
    sweet , fragrant,
    the Bilva tree, small cumin,
    sochal salt. Here हृद्य means
    sweet, pleasant + गन्ध means
    ♥ Hridyatam हृद्यतम- most
    pleasant or dear to the heart.
    Here हृद्य means dear, pleasant +
    तम is used as superlative degree
    ★ Hridyatar हृद्यतर- more
    pleasant or lovely. Here हृद्य
    means lovely, dear
    + तर is used as comparative
    ▶ Hridyatva/Hridyatv हृद्यत्व-
    heartiness, cordiality
    , agreeableness , delightfulness
    ♥ Hridyanshu हृद्यांशु- ” pleasant-
    rayed ” , the moon. Here हृद्य
    means pleasant + अंशु means ray
    � Hrishivat हृषीवत्- full of joy,
    glad, happy. Here हृषी means joy,
    pleasure + वत् means one having
    》Hrishit हृषित- cheerful , glad
    ,happy, bristling ,erect (as the
    hair of the body), not drooping
    ,fresh (as flowers), dulled ,
    blunted , set on
    edge,surprised,bent , bowed
    ,armed , accoutred
    ☆ Hridambhoj हृदम्भोज- a lotus-
    like heart.
    ♥ Hrijj हृज्ज- arisen or being in
    the heart. Here हृत् means heart +
    ज means arisen
    � Hritpratishth हृत्प्रतिष्ठ-
    standing or dwelling in the
    heart. Here हृत् means heart +
    प्रतिष्ठ means standing
    � Hritasth हृत्स्थ -standing or
    abiding in the heart. Here हृत्
    means heart + स्थ means abiding
    》Hridayagat हृदयगत- dwelling in
    the heart. Here हृदय means heart
    + गत means going
    � Hridayagrahin/Hriday-grahin
    हृदयग्राहिन् -captivating the heart.
    Here means heart means
    � Hridayangam हृदयंगम- touching
    the heart. Here हृदयं means heart
    गम means going
    # Hanu हनु- (as feminine)”
    anything which
    destroys or injures life ” , a
    weapon, death,
    disease, various kinds of drugs, a
    wanton woman
    , prostitute, (as masculine) jaw,
    � Haanu हानु- a tooth
    ♥ Hanul हनुल- having strong jaws
    ♣ Hadan हदन- evacuation of
    excrement or ordure
    》Hann हन्न- evacuated (as
    � Hansakut/Hansakoot हंसकूट- ”
    swan’s peak ” ,
    Name of one of the peaks of the
    Himalaya, the
    hump on the shoulder of the
    Indian ox. Here हंस
    means swan + कूट means peak
    @ Hansag हंसग- ” going or riding
    on a swan ” ,
    Name of lord Brahmā. Here हंस
    means a swan + ग
    means going
    * Hansagaman/Hansgaman
    हंसगमन- the gait of a
    swan or goose. Here हंस means
    swan + गमन
    means gait
    # Hansaj हंसज- ” swan-born
    ” ,Name of one of
    Skanda’s attendant. Here हंस
    means swan +ज
    means born
    # Hut/Huta/Hoot हुत-offered in
    fire , poured out
    (as clarified butter) , burnt (as an
    oblation) ,
    sacrificed, sacrificed to , one to
    whom an oblation
    is offered, Name of Lord Shiva,
    an oblation ,
    offering , sacrifice
    @ Hutabhaksh हुतभक्ष- “eating the
    oblation ” ,Name of Agni or fire. Here हुत means oblation + भक्ष means eating
    @ Harshagarbh/Harshgarbh हर्षगर्भ -full of joy , blissful. Here हर्ष means joy + गर्भ means full of
    ■ Harshavardhan/Harshvardhan हर्षवर्धन -a kind of musical composition, increasing pleasure. Here हर्ष means joy + वर्धन means increasing
    हर्षविवर्धन -increasing or promoting joy. Here हर्ष means happiness + विवर्धन means promoting
    @ Harshachal/Harshchal हर्षचल -trembling with joy. Here हर्ष means pleasure + चल means trembling
    ▼ Harshaj हर्षज- arising from joy, semen. Here हर्ष means joy + ज means arising from
    * Harshadatt हर्षदत्त -gifted joyfully. Here हर्ष means happily + दत्त means gifted
    @ Harshadan/Harshdan हर्षदान -a gift
    joyfully offered. Here हर्ष means joyfully + दान means given
    ▲ Harshadhar/Harshdhar हर्षधर -joyfulहर्ष + धर
    ☆ Harshanad/Harshnad हर्षनाद -a shout of joy हर्ष + नाद
    ♣Harshabhaj/Harshbhaj हर्षभाज् –
    partaking of joy, joyful, glad. Here हर्ष means joy + भाज् means partaking
    ● Harshamay/Harshmay हर्षमय -whose essence or nature is joy. Here हर्ष means joy + मय means one having
    @ Harshayukt हर्षयुक्त -filled with joy , joyful. Here हर्ष means pleasure + युक्त means filled with
    ■ Harshavat हर्षवत् -full of joy, joyfully
    ♣ Harshakar/Harshkar हर्षकर -causing joy. Here हर्ष means pleasure + कर means who or what makes

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