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Hardika is a name, meaning of the name is ", " from or or origin. This name is mainly used in .

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  1. हिन्दी, संस्कृत में भारतीय बच्चों के नाम अर्थ सहित
    #Khadvangin खद्वाङ्गिन्-a name of lord (शिव )
    Shiva खद्वांगिन्
    # Khadvangbhrit खद्वाङ्गभृत-a name of lord Shiva
    .It is joining of खद्वाङ्ग + भृत
    # Khapur खपुर- a city built in the sky,a water
    jar, a city of ‘Harishachandra’ in sky, name of an
    constellation (m.) wind-dropsy, tympany .It is
    joining of ख+पुर .Here ख means sky, heaven & पुर
    means city
    ★ Khapushp खपुष्प-sky-flower .It is joining of ख
    +पुष्प Here ख means sky & पुष्प means flower
    ◀ Khabh खभ-a planet, shining in the air. Here ख means air + ग means shining
    ♥ Khashvas खश्वास-air, wind .It is joining of ख
    +श्वास .Here ख means atmosphere & श्वास means
    # Khugal खुगल- a crutch
    # Khadhvanin खाध्वनीन- sun . It is joining of
    ख+अध्वनीन Here ख means sky + अध्वनीन means
    traveller .Thus it means one who travels in the
    sky (sun)
    # Khakkhat खक्खट- harsh, solid, harsh sound
    # Khakuntal खकुङ्तल- a name of Shiva खकुंतल
    # Kharpal खरपाल- wooden vessel
    # Khailik खैलिक- supplementary, additional
    # Khegaman खेगमन- moving in the air .It is joining
    of खे+गमन , Here खे means in the air & गमन means
    ☆ Khechar खेचर-moving in the air, flying, (m.) a
    bird .It is joining of खे+ चर , Here खे means in the
    air & चर means moving
    ♣ Khav खव-to purify, to produce or manifest
    wealth, to cause or procure prosperity
    ◀ Khank खाङ्क-sun [it can be written as खांक (in
    # Khaltik खलतिक-sun, name of an ancient mountain
    # Khandav खाण्डव-sugar-candy, sugar-plums,
    sweetmeats, a wood sacred to Indra, Name of a
    forest in Mahabharata
    # Khatmaal खतमाल-a cloud, smoke .It is joining of
    ख+तमाल .Here ख means sky & तमाल means a tree
    with dark blossoms (which here symbolizing
    # Khatilak खतिलक-sky-ornament, sun .It is joining
    of ख+तिलक .Here ख means sky & तिलक means
    ornament/mark on forehead
    ◀ Khadyot खद्योत-sun .It is joining of ख+द्योत..Here ख means sky & द्योत means what is luminous
    # Khadyotan खद्योतन-sun, sky-illuminator .It is
    joining of ख+द्योतन .Here ख means sky + द्योतन means illuminator
    ▶ Khashay खशय- resting or dwelling in the air.
    It is made by joining of ख+शय .Here ख means air
    & शय means resting/dwelling
    》Khadir खदिर- moon, black cutch tree, acacia,
    a name of Indra
    # Khaadir खादिर- made of or coming from ‘black
    cutch tree’
    # Khadiraj खदिरज- made of or coming from ‘black
    cutch tree’
    ♥ Khidir खिदिर-moon, ascetic, pauper, penitent
    ▶ Khadan खदन- juice. It also means solidity,
    # Khakholk/Khakholka खखोल्क- sun, ‘sky-
    meteor’ It is joining of ख+खोल्क .Here ख means
    sky & खोल्क means meteor
    ◀ Khabashp खबाष्प- dew, frost,’tears of sky’ .It is
    joining of ख + बाष्प .Here ख means sky & बाष्प
    means tear, vapour.Here tears of sky means dew,
    # Khavashp खवाष्प- snow, dew, hoar frost .It is
    joining of ख + वाष्प .Here ख means sky & वाष्प
    means tears/vapour
    Unique and modern Sanskrit baby boy names starting from X, Ksh, Ka
    ★ Kshitip/Xitip क्षितिप- protector of earth, king It is
    joining of क्षिति+प .Here क्षिति means earth & प
    means protector
    # Kshitij/Xitij क्षितिज- horizon (a place where
    earth &sky seems to meeting), earth born, a name
    of planet ‘Mars’ who is a son of earth
    Here it is joining of क्षिति+ज .Here क्षिति means
    earth & ज means born/son
    ▶ Kshitish/Xitish क्षितीश- lord of earth , king
    It is joining of क्षिति+ ईश .Here क्षिति means earth
    & ईश means lord/King
    ◀ Kshitindra/Xitindra क्षितीन्द्र- king of earth,
    It is joining of क्षिति+इन्द्र .Here क्षिति means earth
    & इन्द्र means king/chief
    ♡ Kshitiraj/Xitiraj क्षितिराज-ruler of earth, king
    It is joining of क्षिति+राज Here ‘राज’ means king
    》Kshitikshit/Xitixit क्षितिक्षित्-‘ruler of earth, a king
    It is joining of क्षिति +क्षित् .Here क्षित् means ruler
    ♥ Kshait/Xait क्षैत-Prince, chief of a race
    # Kshititanay/Xititanay क्षितितनय- son of earth
    It is joining of क्षिति+तनय .Here तनय means son
    # Kshitisut/Xitisut क्षितिसुत -son of earth
    Here क्षिति means earth +सुत means son
    # Kshitinandan/Xitinandan क्षितिनन्दन- son of earth
    Here नन्दन means son
    # Kshitidev/Xitidev क्षितिदेव- earth-god, i.e. a
    Brahman. Here क्षितिmeans earth + देव means god
    # Kshitidhar/Xitidhar क्षितिधर- earth-supporter,
    mountain .Here क्षिति means earth + धर means
    # Kshaman/Xaman क्षामन्- earth, ground, soil
    # Kshamin/Xamin क्षमिन्- (adj.) enduring,
    forbearing, patient
    @ Kshant/Xant क्षान्त- enduring, patient,
    borne, pardoned, a name of lord ‘Shiva'(शिव) ,
    patience, indulgence
    ■ Kshantu/Xantu क्षान्तु- patient, enduring, father
    ◀ Ksharin/Xarin क्षरिन्- dropping, flowing, rainy
    # Kshalan/Xalan क्षालन- washing or wiping off ,cleaning, cleansing with water, sprinkling
    ▶ Kshipram/Xipram क्षिप्रम्- directly, immediately, speedily
    # Kshiprat/Xiprat क्षिप्रात्- immediately, directly
    # Kavish कविश -chief of poets
    ● Kavindra/Kavindr कवीन्द्र -king among poets
    Here कवि means poet +इन्द्र means king
    ■ Kavindu कवीन्दु -moon of poets
    Here कवि means poet +इन्दु means moon
    # Kaviraj कविराज -king among poets
    Here कवि means poet +राज means king
    # Kaviray कविराय -king among poets.Here कवि
    means poet +राय means king
    ♥ Kiyan/Kiyaan कियान् – how much, what
    ♣ Kashik/Kaashik काशिक -silken
    ♥ Kashish/Kaashish काशीश- lord of Kashi(Shiva/
    शिव), a name of lord ‘Shiva’. It is joining of काशी +
    ईश. Here काशी means city ‘Kashi’ +ईश means Lord
    ★Kashya काश्य- prince of city ‘Kashi’
    ◀ Kaishik कैशिक -love, passion, hair like

    # Rishtimat ऋष्टिमत्- furnished with spears
    Here ऋष्टि means spear+ मत् means one furnished
    # Risht ऋष्ट- pushed, thrust
    # Rishya ऋश्य- painted or white footed antelope
    # Rishyaketu ऋष्यकेतु- one having a deer as a
    symbol or sign
    It is joining of ऋष्य + केतु Here ऋष्य means deer &
    केतु means symbol, flag
    # Rijish ऋजीष- expeller of enemies, A name of
    # Rij ऋज् -to stand or be firm, to acquire, to be
    strong or healthy
    # Rijr/Rijra ऋज्र -going straight forward, quick,
    * Rijrashv/Rijrashva ऋज्राश्व-having quick horses
    Here ऋज्र means quick +अश्व means horses
    # Rijvayat ऋज्वायत् -straight & extended
    # Ritvijas ऋत्विजस् -priests
    * Ritviya ऋत्विय -being in proper time,
    regular, proper
    ● Rijvanch ऋज्वञ्च्/ ऋज्वंच्- moving or tending
    ● Ragmay रागमय- dear, red, consisting of
    colour, beloved. Here राग means color, love,
    red colour + मय means consisting of
    ■ Ragitaru रागितरु-Ashoka tree,red or passionate
    * Raganvit रागान्वित-coloured, affected by passion
    or desire
    #Ragapushp रागपुष्प-noon plant, red globe-
    # Ragavrint रागवृन्त- god of love, Passion stem
    # Ragavat रागवत् -impassioned, red, coloured,
    # Rishik ऋषिक-a saint
    # Rishik ऋषीक-species of grass
    # Riten ऋतेन- right, lawfully, regularly
    # Ritvikऋत्विक्- priest
    # Rishv/Rishva ऋष्व- noble, elevated, high,
    great, sublime
    # Riju ऋजु -frank, straight, honest, brave
    # Ritik ऋतिक- sage, priest honest one
    FACT-Ritik(ऋतिक) is derived fro word Rit(ऋत)
    # Ritayuj ऋतयुज्- properly harnessed, United
    with divine law
    # Rivyad ऋव्याद् -carnivorous
    # Ritvij ऋत्विज्- priest, sacrificial
    # Ritayu ऋतयु-observing, sacred law, wishing for sacrifice
    # Rijug ऋजुग- arrow
    # Rigvidऋग्विद्- knowing the Rigveda ,
    scholar of Rigveda
    # Riddh ऋद्ध- wealthy, abundant
    #Ribis/Ribees ऋबीस- abyss, chasm, warmth
    of earth
    # Ritamऋतम्- duly, right, properly, expressly
    #Rikva ऋक्व- praising, jubilant with praise
    # Rigmin ऋग्मिन्- praising, jubilant with praise
    # Rikvan ऋक्वन्- praising, jubilant with
    # Rikvat ऋक्वत्- praising, jubilant with praise
    # Ribhu ऋभु- clever, skilful, Deity, prudent
    # Ribhva ऋभ्व- wise, prudent, skilful
    # Rich ऋच् /ऋच means-praise, verse, sacred text
    # Ritesh ऋतेश- lord of truth, Lord of bravery,
    very honest one
    # Rit ऋत- true or righteous, honest, luminous
    , brave
    # Ratt/Rata रत- pleased, gratified, delighting in, intent
    upon, loved, copulation, devoted or attached
    # Rataguru रतगुरु- husband. Here रत means copulation, beloved + गुरु means teacher
    # Ratamanas रतमानस्- having a delighted mind or
    Here रत means delighted +मानस् means mind/heart
    # Ratardhik रतार्धिक- a day, bathing for pleasure,
    aggregate of eight auspicious objects
    # Ratavat/Ratvat रतवत्- pleased, happy
    Here रत means happiness +वत् as a suffix means
    one having
    # Rohit रोहित- red, reddish, a kind of deer, saffron,
    blood, a red or chestnut horse (of Sun)
    #Rohit रोहित्-sun, red
    # Rohitak रोहितक – Rohida tree [Andersonia Rohitaka- Bot. ]
    # Rohiteya रोहितेय -Rohida tree [Andersonia Rohitaka – Bot.]
    # Rohitavat/Rohitvat रोहितवत् -having a red horse
    Here रोहित means red horse + वत् means one
    # Rohitashva रोहिताश्व- Name of Agni, having red
    horses. Here रोहित means red +अश्व means horse
    # Rohitaksh रोहिताक्ष- red-eyed
    Here रोहित means red + अक्ष means eyes
    ♥ Rohitasya रोहितास्य- red-faced
    Here रोहित means red +आस्य means face
    # Rohitait रोहितैत- marked with red & other colour
    # Roh रोह- rising, mounting, ascending, rising, height, increase, sprouting, blossom,
    # Rohant रोहन्त- a particular tree (any tree)
    ♥ Rohak रोहक- one who mounts or rises, growing,
    a rider,kind of spirit or goblin
    # Rohas रोहस् -elevation, height
    # Rig ऋग्- verse, praise
    $ Rigmiya ऋग्मिय- to be praised, to be celebrated
    with verses
    # Rigmay ऋग्मय- consisting of sacred verses
    recited in praise of a deity
    $ Rij ऋज्- to go, to stand or be firm, acquire, to
    be strong or healthy
    # Rijipya ऋजिप्य- going straight upwards, moving
    $ Rijishin ऋजीषिन्- receiving the residue or juice
    produced by the third pressure of the plant, Name
    of Indra
    # Rijukaay ऋजुकाय- having a straight body. Here
    ऋजु means straight + काय means body
    $ Rijisth ऋजिष्ठ- honest, most sincere, most
    # Rijukratu ऋजुक्रतु- one whose works are right or
    honest, Indra .Here ऋजु means honest + क्रतु
    means work
    $ Rijug ऋजुग -“going straight on”, an arrow. Here
    ऋजु means straight + ग means going
    # Rijugath ऋजुगाथ- celebrated with right praises
    or songs. Here ऋजु means right + गाथ means
    praise or songs
    $ Rijutva ऋजुत्व- straight direction, straightness,
    honesty, sincerity
    # Rijudrish ऋजुदृश्- seeing right. Here ऋजु means
    right + दृश् means one who sees
    $ Rijumushk ऋजुमुष्क- strong and muscular(said of
    Agni’s horses), having strong testicles. Here ऋजु
    means strong +मुष्क means testicles or a muscular
    or stout person
    # Rijuyodhin ऋजुयोधिन्- fair-fighter. Here ऋजु
    means fair + योधिन् means warrior
    $ Rijurohit ऋजुरोहित- the straight red bow of Indra
    # Rijulekh ऋजुलेख- rectilinear.Here ऋजु means
    straight + लेख means written or drawn
    $ Rijuhast ऋजुहस्त -“good handed”, bestowing
    liberally (said of earth). Here ऋजु means good
    +हस्त means hand
    # Ritubhang ऋतेभङ्ग- without separation (I.e.
    $ Ritodya ऋतोद्य- true speech, truth
    # Ritay ऋतय- to observe the sacred law, be
    regular to wish for sacrifice
    $ Ritavya ऋतव्य- relating or devoted to the
    # Ritayin ऋतायिन्- truthful
    $ Ritishah ऋतीषह्/ ऋतीषाह्- subduing or
    conquering assailants or enemies, enduring the
    # Ritukarman ऋतुकर्मन्- a right action. Here ऋतु
    means right + कर्मन् means action
    $ Ritudevat ऋतुदेवत- having the seasons for a deity
    # Ritunath ऋतुनाथ -“lord of seasons”, the spring.
    Here ऋतु means season +नाथ means lord
    $ Ritupati ऋतुपति- lord of the times fit for
    sacrifices, lord of proper times (Agni), the spring.
    Here ऋतु means proper times, time fit for sacrifices
    +पति means lord
    # Ritumat ऋतुमत्- coming at regular or proper
    times, enjoying the seasons
    $ Ritumay ऋतुमय- consisting of seasons
    # Ritumukhin ऋतुमुखिन् -taking place on the first
    day of a season
    $ Rituyaaj ऋतुयाज- “offering to the seasons”, a
    particular ceremony. Here ऋतु means season +
    याज means offering
    # Rituyajin ऋतुयाजिन्- sacrificing at the beginning
    of every season. Here ऋतु means season +याजिन्
    means sacrificing
    $ Ritushas ऋतुशस्- at the proper or due time , at
    the every time
    # Ritusahasra ऋतुसहस्र- a thousand seasons. Here
    ऋतु means seasons + सहस्र means a thousand
    $ Rituraj ऋतुराज- “king of seasons”, spring
    # Riddhit ऋद्धित- made to prosper, caused to
    # Riddhimat ऋद्धिमत्- prosperous, successful,
    bringing or bestowing prosperity,fortunate
    Here ऋद्धि means prosperity, success, fortune +मत्
    as a suffix symbolizes one who brings or bestows
    # Riddhimant ऋद्धिमन्त्- proserous, fortunate
    Here ऋद्धि means prosperity, fortune +मन्त् means
    # Riddhimaan ऋद्धिमान्- prosperous, successful,
    fortunate. Here ऋद्धि means prosperity, luck,
    success, magical powers +मान् means one having
    or bestowing
    ♥ Riddhil ऋद्धिल- one having magical powers,
    prosperous, successful
    Here ऋद्धि means prosperity, success, magical
    powers, wealth + लाति(ला) means to give or obtain
    ल is used from verb ला
    # Riddhikaam/Riddhikam ऋद्धिकाम- desiring
    prosperity or wealth. Here ऋद्धि means prosperity
    +काम means desire
    ♥ Richabh/Richaabh ऋचाभ-one having praise
    worthy beauty or shine, adorned with shine,
    praisable shine or light.
    It is joining of ऋच/ऋच्+आभ from word आभा . Here
    ऋच means praise, verse, adorn +आभा means shine,
    light, beauty,resemblance, colour
    [In vedic period it(ऋचाभ) was the name of one of
    pupil of sage/Rishi Vaishampayana] वैशम्पायन के एक
    शिष्य का नाम
    $ Rikv/Rikva ऋक्व- praising, jubilant with praise
    # Rigbhaj ऋग्भाज्- pertaking of sacred verses,
    praised in sacred verses (as a deity)
    $ Rigatmak ऋगात्मक- consisting of formularies &
    verses , sacred verses-like. Here ऋग् means verses
    आत्मक means containing or like anything/similar
    ♥ Rich ऋच्/ऋच- praise, verse(esp. a sacred verse
    recited in praise of a deity or sacrificial words,
    formularies & verses which were muttered),
    sacred text
    # Rijishit/Rijeeshit ऋजीषित- possessed of residue
    of Soma
    ♥ Riju ऋजु- tending in a straight direction,
    straight, honest, sincere, correctly, right
    # Rijum ऋजुम्/ऋजुं- correctly, honest, straight
    $ Ritajat/Ritjaat ऋतजात- of true nature, well
    made, proper. Here ऋत means true + जात means
    # Ritajit ऋतजित्- gaining the right. Here ऋत means
    right जित् means one who gains
    $ Ritajya ऋतज्य- one whose string is truth, truth-
    # Ritadyumna/Ritadyumn ऋतद्युमन्- brilliant or
    glorious through divine truth. Here ऋत means
    divine truth + द्युमन् means brilliant
    $ Ritadhaman ऋतधामन्- one whose abode is truth
    or divine law, abiding in truth, Lord Vishnu. Here
    ऋत means truth + धामन् means abode
    # Ritapeshas ऋतपेशस्- having a perfect shape.
    Here ऋत means true + पेशस् means shape
    $ Ritaprajat/Ritaprajaat ऋतप्रजात- of true nature,
    well made, proper. Here ऋत means well, true
    प्रजात means made
    # Ritapravit/Ritapraveet ऋतप्रवीत- inverted or
    surrounded with divine truth (As Agni). Here ऋत
    means divine truth + प्रवीत means surrounded or
    inverted with
    $ Ritapsu ऋतप्सु- one whose appearance is truth
    or one who consumes the sacrificial food
    # Ritabhuj ऋतभुज- enjoying (the fruit of) one’s
    righteousness or pious works
    ♥ Ritambhar ऋतम्भर- bearing the truth in one’s
    self, Lord Vishnu
    # Ritavat ऋतवत्- being right, saying the truth. Here
    ऋत means right, truth + वत् means one having
    $ Ritayuj ऋतयुज्- properly harnessed, united with
    divine law. Here ऋत means divine law + युज् means
    # Ritavaak ऋतवाक- a true or right speech. Here
    ऋत means true + वाक means speech
    $ Ritavadin/Ritavaadin ऋतवादिन्- saying right,
    speaking the truth. Here ऋत means right, truth +
    वादिन् means saying
    # Ritavrat ऋतव्रत- one whose vow is truth,
    truthful. Here ऋत means truth + व्रत means vow
    $ Ritasatya ऋतसत्य- right and truth. Here ऋत
    means right + सत्य means truth
    # Ritasad ऋतसद्- seated or dwelling in truth,
    seated at sacrifices. Here ऋत means truth + सद्
    means to have a seat or to dwell
    $ Ritasadan ऋतसदन- the right or proper seat. Here
    ऋत means right or proper + सदन means seat
    # Ritasap ऋतसप्- connected with or performing
    worship or pious works (as men), connected with
    or accepting worship or religious acts (as Gods)
    $ Ritasaat ऋतसात- filled with truth or
    righteousness. Here ऋत means truth + सात means
    filled with
    # Ritastubh ऋतस्तुभ्- “praising properly or duly”
    $ Ritaspati ऋतस्पति- lord of pious works (as
    sacrifices), Name of Lord Vayu.
    # Ritasprish ऋतस्पृश्- connected with pious works
    or worship , touching water
    $ Ritamrit ऋतामृत- lawful gleaning & unsolicited
    # Ritavan/Ritaavan ऋतावन्- keeping with the fixed
    order or rule, regular, proper, truthful, holy, faithful
    $ Ritavasu/Ritaavasu ऋतावसु- one whose wealth
    is piety, pious, faithful one
    # Ritavridh/Ritaavridh ऋतावृध्- increasing or
    fostering truth or piety (said of gods)
    $ Ritashah/Ritaashah ऋताषह्- maintaining the
    sacred law
    ♥ Ribhu ऋभु- clever, skilful, prudent, inventive, a
    deity, a class of deities accompanying Lord Indra,
    artist, smith
    $ Ribhuksh ऋभुक्ष- Lord Indra, Indra’s thunderbolt,
    Indra’s paradise
    # Ribhukshin ऋभुक्षिन्- Lord Indra, best, great
    $ Ribhvan ऋभ्वन्- clever, skillful, prudent, Lord
    Indra, Agni
    # Ribhvas ऋभ्वस्- clever, skillful, prudent, Lord
    Indra, Agni
    $ Ribhva ऋभ्व- skilful, prudent, wise, Lord Indra,
    # Ribhumat ऋभुमत्- clever, skilful, prudent
    $ Ribhushthir ऋभुष्ठिर- clever and wise(Lord Indra)
    $ Ridhmuk ऋध्मुक- causing increase or prosperity
    # Riduvridh ऋदूवृध्- increasing sweetness or
    pleasantness. Here ऋदू means sweet,
    pleasantness + वृध् means to increase
    $ Ridudar ऋदूदर- having a soft or pleasant inner
    # Rijvayat/Rijvaayat ऋज्वायत्- straight & extended
    $ Rijiman ऋजिमन्- straightness
    # Rijukaran/Rijookaran ऋजूकरण- the act of
    straightening. Here ऋजू means straight + करण
    means act
    $ Rijunas/Rijoonas ऋजूनस्- straight nosed. Here
    ऋजू means straight + नस् means nose
    # Rijuyat ऋजूयत्- to walk straight forward, be right
    or honest
    $ Rinj ऋञ्ज्/ऋंज्- to make straight or right,
    arrange, decorate, ornament, to gain or obtain,
    $ Rinachit ऋणचित- “giving heed to worship”(paid
    as a debt by men to gods) , lord Brihaspati
    # Rinayavan/Rinayaavan ऋणयावन्- relieving from
    debt or obligations. Here ऋण means debt/
    obligations + यावन् means relieving
    $ Rinantak/Rinaantak ऋणान्तक -‘terminator of
    debts’, Planet Mars. Here ऋण means debt + अन्तक
    means terminator
    # Ritemul/Ritemool ऋतेमूल- without roots. Here ऋते
    means without + मूल means root
    $ Ridh ऋध्- to grow, increase, prosper, suceed, to
    cause to increase or prosper, accomplish, to be
    ♥ Riddh ऋद्ध- prosperous, abundant, thriving,
    made to resound, a demonstrated conclusion
    $ Ridhat ऋधत्- to grow or increase, succeed,
    wealthy, to be promoted
    # Ridhad ऋधद्- succeed, prosper, to cause to
    $ Ridhem ऋधेम- to grow, accomplish, to cause to
    increase or prosper
    # Rashtrik राष्ट्रिक -national, ruler of a kingdom
    @ Rashtrak राष्ट्रक -kingdom, country
    * Ratid रतिद -causing pleasure or comfort
    ■ Ratimat रतिमत् -enamored, glad, cheerful
    * Ratikar रतिकर -enamoured, being in love, causing
    # Ratvat रतवत्- gratified, happy
    # Ratnadeep रत्नदीप- jewels-lamp, gem serving as
    # Ratnakar रत्नाकर- ocean, jewel-mine
    # Ratnendra/Ratnendr रत्नेन्द्र- precious jewels,
    # Rohish रोहिष -kind of deer or fish, kind of
    fragrant grass
    # Roh रोह -mounting, rising, blossom, bud,
    ♥ Rohat रोहत -ascending, mounting, rising
    ♥ Rohin रोहिन् -tall, increasing, ascending, grown
    # Rochuk रोचुक -causing pleasure and delight
    # Rochak रोचक -pleasing, enlighening
    ♥ Roch रोच -one who lightens or makes bright,
    ♥ Rochis रोचिस -light, grace, loveliness
    ♥ Rochas रोचस -light, lustre
    ♥ Rochan रोचन -light, bright sky, firmament, stars,
    ♥ Raajak/Rajak राजक -splendid, illuminating,
    ■ Rajas रजस् -vapour, safflower, pollen,
    cultivated land, passion, mist, air
    #Rajil राजिल -elephant, striped
    * Rajit राजित -brilliant, illuminated
    ♡ Rajiv/ Raajiv राजीव- blue-lotus, striped-deer, Indian
    crane, living at King’s expense
    ♥ Rajanya राजन्य- princely, royal, kingly
    # Rajaraj राजराज- king of kings, supreme
    It is joining of राज+राज .Here राज means king
    # Rajarshi राजर्षि -royal sage
    It is joining of राज+ऋषि Here राज means royal+
    ऋषि means rishi, sage
    ★ Rajavat राजवत् -like a king
    ◆ Rajsuya राजसूय -lotus-flower, mountain, sacrifice
    performed at coronation of king
    * Rajaguru/Rajguru राजगुरू-king’s counsellor, royal
    Here राज means royal + गुरू means guru
    * Rajakiy राजकीय -royal
    ■ Rajakul/Rajkul राजकुल -royal family, royal
    palace, king’s race
    Here राज means royal +कुल means race, family
    #Rajanil/Raajnil राजनील-emarald
    # Rajaman/Rajmaan राजमान-radiant
    £ Rajmukh राजमुख-shining faced, royal-faced
    Here राज means shining +मुख means face
    @ Rashik राशिक -consisting of a particular sum or
    number of quantities
    # Raship राशिप -regent of astrological house
    #Rashishas राशिशस् -in heaps
    ◆ Rashisth राशिस्थ -standing in a heap,
    ■ Rashmiraj रश्मिराज -ray-lord, sun
    Here रश्मि means rays + राज means lord
    # Rashmidhar रश्मिधर -sun, one having rays
    Here रश्मि means rays + धर means one having
    # Rashmish रश्मीश -ray-lord, sun
    Here रश्मि means rays + ईश means lord
    ★ Rashmidhaar रश्मिधार -charioteer
    It is joining of रश्मि + धार
    ♧ Rashmimay रश्मिमय -formed or consisting of rays,
    ☆ Rashmivat रश्मिवत् -sun, one who possesses rays
    Here रश्मि means rays +वत् means one who has
    ■ Rashmimat रश्मिमत् -sun, having rays, radiant
    Here रश्मि+मत् means rays means one having
    # ▶ Ravind रविन्द-lotus flower
    ☆ Ravidipt रविदिप्त -lighted by sun
    Here रवि means sun+ दिप्त means lighted
    #Ravikant रविकान्त- sun-stone, sort of crystal
    It is joining of रवि + कान्त
    ♧ Ravinetra/Ravinetr रविनेत्र -sun-eyed
    Here रवि means sun+ नेत्र means eye
    ■ Ravipriya रविप्रिय -red-lotus flower, crown flower
    * Ravidhvaj रविध्वज -day, having sun for a banner
    Here रवि means sun+ ध्वज means banner
    * Ravitejas रवितेजस् -radiance of sun
    It is joining of रवि+तेजस् .Here रवि means sun+ तेजस्
    means radiance
    ● Rajasut राजसुत =prince. Here राज means royal, king + सुत means son
    £ Rajatmaj राजात्मज =prince. Here राज means king + आत्मज means son
    * Rajatanay/Rajtanay राजतनय =prince. Here राज means royal + तनय means son
    ▶ Rajasunu/Rajsunu राजसूनु =prince. Here राज means royal + सूनु means son
    * Rajasun राजसून =prince. Here राज means king + सून means son
    * Rajadarak/Rajdarak राजदारक -prince. Here राज means royal + दारक means son
    @ Rajaputra/Rajputr राजपुत्र -prince. Here राज means royal + पुत्र means son
    ◆ Rajatanuj राजतनुज- prince. Here राज means royal + तनुज means son
    ● Rajanand/Rajnand राजनन्द -prince. Here राज means royal + नन्द means son
    ☆ Rajanandan/Rajnandan राजनन्दन -prince. Here राज means king + नन्दन means son
    ▲ Rajakumar/Rajkumar =prince
    ■ Rayatanay रायतनय =prince. Here राय means
    king + तनय means son
    ★ Rayaputra रायपुत्र = Prince. Here राय means
    king + पुत्र means son
    # Rayakumar रायकुमार =Prince. Here राय means king + कुमार means boy
    # Rayatmaj रायात्मज =Prince. Here राय means
    king + आत्मज means son
    ♣ Rayasunu रायसूनु =Prince. Here राय means royal + सूनु means son
    ▼ Rayadarak रायदारक =Prince. Here राय means royal + दारक means son
    # Rayasun रायसून =Prince. Here राय means royal
    + सून means son
    ● Rayanand रायनन्द =Prince. Here राय means royal
    + नन्द means son
    ◀ Rayanandan रायनन्दन =Prince. Here राय means
    royal + नन्दन means son
    # Rayasut रायसुत =Prince. Here राय means royal
    + सुत means son
    # Rayatanuj रायतनुज =Prince. Here राय means royal, king + तनुज means son
    ☆ Rayavats रायवत्स =Prince. Here राय means
    royal + वत्स means son
    ★ Rayangaj रायांगज =Prince. Here रायmeans king
    + अंगज means son
    # Rayaj रायज = Prince. Here राय means royal + ज means born
    £ Rushit रुषित =Enraged, angry
    # Rooshit रूषित =covered, soiled, smeared with,
    adhering to, perfumed with, pounded, reduced to powder, adorned, decorated, made rough or
    》Rooshan रूषण =covering, strewing Chandom.
    soiling, adorning, decoration
    ● Rush रुष =anger
    ■ Roosh रूष =bitter & sour, adorn, rough, covered

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