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Aanya is a name, meaning of the name is ", , " from or origin. This name is mainly used in . As per Indian Hindu astrology, this name is suggested for Who born with star Krittika Nakshatra 1st pada, Mesh rasi (Aries).

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Numerical for Name Aanya is 6

Rulling Planet: Venus
Colors: Blue
Gemstones: Emerald
Qualities: Romantic, Nurturing

Person with the name Aanya as Numerical 6 is a romantic, peace-loving, supportive, compassionate, nurturing and considerate. Aanya's life path mission is to achieve balance between giving and receiving. Sympathetic and caring, counselor, and Aanya's life path number symbolizes the principles of nurturing and harmony. Aanya is a teacher, trainer and parent. Aanya is love any job and make life more comfortable, easy and luxurious for others.


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  1. Sanskrit boy names starting from letter M
    हिन्दी, संस्कृत में भारतीय बच्चों के नाम अर्थ सहित म से आरंभ

    # Manuvat मनुवत्-like man or as becomes men
    # Manuvrit मनुवृत- chosen by men. Here मनु means men +वृत means chosen
    # Manubhu मनुभू-man, mankind, born from man or
    from first being on earth मनु का पुत्र. It is joining of
    मनु+भू Here मनु means father of mankind, man + भू means born
    # Manupreet/Manuprit मनुप्रीत- beloved by men
    Here मनु means men +प्रीत means beloved
    # Manupranit मनुप्रणीत- taught or promulgated by
    ‘Manu’. Here मनु means first man on earth + प्रणीत means promulgated
    # Madish मदिश- spirituous liquor
    # Milan मिलन- meeting, joining, union, contact
    # Maunik/Mounik मौनिक- like a saint
    # Medinidin मेदिनीदिन- natural day
    # Mohanak मोहनक- month chaitra (चैत्र मास)
    # Moham मोहम्/मोहं- wonder, bewildering, delusion
    ■ Mohin मोहिन्- deluding, attractive, perplexing
    # Mohaant मोहान्त- deep bewilderment of mind
    # Mohatmak मोहात्मक-causing delusion, causing
    # Mohat/Mohaat मोहात्- because of ignorance, by illusion
    # Mohay मोहाय- confusion, for bewildering, for
    # Markav/Maarkav मार्कव- false daisy
    ▲ Mooler मूलेर-a king, Indian spikenard. It is
    joining of मूल ( to be rooted)+ एरक् (as a suffix)
    # Manyu मन्यु- mind, sacrifice, rage, high spirit,
    passion, zeal, mood, wrath
    ☆ Mayukh मयूख- ray of light, lustre
    # Maariy मारीय- relating to god of love
    # Manujottan मनुजोत्तन- best of men
    # Manujottam मनुजोत्तम-best among men
    It is joining of मनुज+उत्तम Here मनुज means men
    उत्तम means best
    # Manasin मनसिन्- having intellect, mind or soul
    # Mukur मुकुर- blossom, bud,Arabian jasmine,mirror
    ▲ Makur मकुर- blossom, bud, Arabian jasmine
    # Marttik मार्त्तिक- earthen
    # Mokshak मोक्षक- liberator, reedeemer
    ▲ Mantu मन्तु- king, advisor, manager, advice, ruler ▲ Mahat महत्- great
    # Maahan माहन-Brahman
    It is joining of मा+हन .Here मा means prohibitive &
    हन means to kill (Brahman is prohibited to kill in
    # Mahakul माहाकुल- nobly born
    #Mahatimik माहातिमिक- ‘belonging to an exalted
    person, majestic, glorious
    #Mahatmik माहात्मिक-belonging to an exalted
    person, majestic, glorious
    # Mehanavat मेहनावत्- bestowing abundantly.
    Here मेहना means abundantly+वत् means one
    possessing or having
    # Mehanavant मेहनावंत्- bestowing abundantly.
    Here मेहना means abundantly+ वंत् means
    bestowing or having
    # Maris मरीस- milk
    ▲ Maarish/Marish मारिष- worthy friend,
    respectable man
    ▲ Muchir मुचिर- munificent, liberal, wind, deity,
    ■ Manu मनु-father of human race, first being on
    earth, man, wise, incantation
    # Manuj मनुज- son of lord ‘Manu’, human, man
    Here मनु means first human on earth, human being
    + ज means born
    # Manujat मनुजात- man, human
    ▲ Manus मनुस्- man
    ★ Maanush मानुष- man
    # Manujendra/Manujendr मनुजेन्द्र- king, lord of men,
    sovereign of men. It is joining of मनु+ज+इन्द्र. Here
    मनु means human + ज means born, मनुज collectively means men +इन्द्र means king
    ♣ Manujesh मनुजेश- king, lord of humans
    Here मनुज means men+ ईश means king
    # Manujapati मनुजपति- king, lord of men, sovereign
    of men. Here मनुज means men, humans+ पति means lord, master
    # Manujadhip मनुजाधिप- king, prince, sovereign of
    men. Here मनुज collectively means men + अधिप
    means sovereign, king
    # Mahit महित- honoured, worshipped, esteemed
    # Mahitam महितम्- honoured
    # Mahitvam महित्वम्- greatness, might
    ★Mahiman महिमन्- greatness, glory, majesty, might,
    high rank
    ♣ Mahim महिम- might, great,glorious
    # Mahinam महिनाम्- sovereignty, dominion
    # Mahisth महिष्ठ- great, largest
    ▼ Mahikshit महिक्षित्- A king, sovereign
    Here महि means earth/great +क्षित् means ruler
    # Mahimat महिमत्- much, abundant, marriage-fire
    # Mahanad माहानद- relating to a great river
    # Mahimadhvan महिमाधवन्- King, earth-lord
    # Mahimahendra महीमहेन्द्र- king, great Indra of
    earth. Here महि means earth +महेन्द्र means great
    Indra or great king
    # Mahinavat माहिनावत्- excited, exhilarated, great
    ♥Mahin महिन/महीन- King, prince,cheerful, mighty
    ♥ Maahin माहिन- cheerful, mighty, blithe, dominion
    # Mahiratna/Mahiratn महिरत्न- possessing great
    treasures .Here महि means great +रत्न means
    # Mahindra/Mahindr महीन्द्र- earth-chief, king.
    Here महि means earth +इन्द्र means lord, chief
    ♥ Mahip/Maheep महीप- earth-protector, king
    Here महि/मही means earth +प means protection
    ▲ Mayu मयु- deer
    ♥ Maayu मायु- bleating, bellowing, bile, humour,
    roaring, mooing
    # Mayas मयस्- delight, refreshment
    # Maayin मायिन- magic, artful, illusory, juggler, magician, Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna
    ▲ Maayik/Mayik मायिक- magic, creating illusion, juggler, conjurer
    # Mayakar मायाकार- conjurer, juggler
    # Mayamay मायामय- illusive, magical
    # Mayur मयूर- peacock
    # Maayur मायूर- dear to peacock, made of peacock’s feathers
    ◆ Mayusv/Mayusva मयूस्व- ray
    MEANING OF Unique & Modern SANSKRIT BOY NAMES Starting from letter M
    ♧ Madra मद्र-hapiness, joy, personification of first
    melody/मूर्छना, a king of Madras
    # Maadra माद्र- king of Madras
    ◆ Madrap मद्रप- King of Madras. Here मद्र means
    country Madras + प means protector, ruler
    ♧ Madresh मद्रेश- King of Madras. Here मद्र means
    Madras country +ईश means chief, king
    ● Madrak मद्रक- prince of Madras, person
    belonging to Madras
    # Murmur मुर्मुर-God of love, burning chaff
    # Murtip मूर्तिप- priest who guards an idol, image-
    keeper. Here मूर्ति means idol +प from word पा
    means protector
    # Medh मेध- marrow, any sacrifice, broth, sap,
    essence, nourishing or strengthening drink
    ■ Medin मेदिन्- possessing vigour or energy, ally,
    friend, companion
    # Medak मेदक- spirituous liquor used for distillation
    # Medur मेदुर- bland, soft, thick, full of dense,
    # Mukul मुकुल- bud, body, soul, first tooth
    ♥ Makul मकुल- bud, Spanish cherry tree [ Mimusops Elengi – Bot. ]
    @ Maakuli माकुलि- kind of snake
    》Makulak/Makoolak मकूलक- wild Croton plant
    [ Croton Polyandrum – Bot. ]
    # Mukulay मुकुलय- to cause to close or shut (the
    # Mukulit मुकुलित- closed(like a bud), budded, full of
    # Mukulayit मुकुलायित- budded, blossomed
    ☆ Mukulin मुकुलिन्- budding, full of buds
    ♣ Muku मुकु- freedom, liberation
    # Mukun मुकुन्- freedom, liberation
    # Mukum मुकुम्- freedom
    ★ Mukund/Mukunda मुकुन्द- kind of precious stone
    (quicksilver), One who liberates, Name of a
    tresure of Kubera, A name of lord Vishnu. Here मुकु
    means liberation(from passion) +उन्द means to
    wet, to sprinkle OR it may be formed by joining of
    मुकुन् +द (दा) Here मुकुन् means freedom +द means
    # Mukuray/Mukuraay मुकुराय- become a mirror
    ▼ Muktak मुक्तक- independent, separate, missile
    # Muktakar मुक्तकर- liberal, open handed, one who
    liberates. Here मुक्त means free +कर means one
    who does, happening
    # Muktahar मुक्ताहार- string of pearls. Here मुक्ता means pearls + हार means string, necklace
    # Mandit मण्डित- adorned, decorated
    # Mandayat मन्दयत्- delighting, rejoicing
    # Mandrayu मन्द्रयु- pleasant
    # Mandisth मन्दिष्ठ- most delightful
    # Mandasaan मन्दसान- joyous, inspirited,
    intoxicated, fire, life, sleep
    # Mandahas मन्दहास- smile, laugh slowly. Here मन्द
    means slow, gentle + हास means smile
    # Mandarav मन्दरव- murmur. Here मन्द means slow
    + रव means sound
    ♥ Mandan मन्दन- cheerful
    # Mandan मण्डन- ornament, adorning
    # Mandu मन्दु- joyous, pleased, cheerful
    # Mandanil मन्दानिल- gentle breeze. Here मन्द
    means gentle +अनिल means breeze
    #Mandam मन्दम्- gradually ,(ind.) tardily,
    slightly, softly, slowly, in low voice
    # Mandh मन्ध- a kind of antelope
    # Mandin मन्दिन्- delighted, delighting,
    # Mandra मन्द्र- sounding or speaking pleasantly,
    low, charming, hollow (m.) lower tone, species
    of elephant
    # Mandag मन्दग- moving or flowing slowly,
    an epithet for planet Saturn. Here मन्द means
    slow +ग means going
    # Mandat मन्दट- Coral tree
    # Mandak मण्डक- sort of pastry or baked flour,
    particular musical air
    # Mandaak मन्दाक- praise, stream, current
    # Mandar मन्दर- large, firm, tardy, slow,
    mirror, heaven
    # Mandaar मन्दार- heaven, thorn apple
    # Mandayu मन्दयु- cheerful, happy

  2. MEANING OF SANSKRIT BOY NAMES Starting from letter N used by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists
    ♥Namat नमत- master, lord, actor, mime, a cloud,
    bent, crooked
    #Namat नमत्- bending bowing, stooping
    #Naman नमन- bending, bowing, sinking
    #Namayat नमयत्- besiding, inclining, bending
    #Namayan नमयन्- besiding, inclining, bending
    ♥Namas नमस- favourable ,kind, agreement
    # Namas नमस्- bow, obeisance, reverential
    salutation, adoration (by gesture or word)
    # Namasan नमसान- paying obeisance, worshipping
    # Namayishnu नमयिष्णु- bowing, bending
    # Namasyu नमस्यु- bowing down, worshipping,
    doing homage
    # Namasya नमस्य- to pay homage, worship, be
    humble or deferential
    # Namasvat नमस्वत्- paying or inspiring veneration
    # Namasyat नमस्यत्-saluting reverentially, paying
    adoration (by gesture or words)
    # Namasyan नमस्यन्- saluting reverentially, paying
    adoration (by gesture or words)
    # Namasvin नमस्विन्- worshipping, reverential
    # Namasyit नमस्यित- respected, worshipped,
    ♥ Namasit नमसित- respected, worshipped
    # Namasitam नमसितं- respected,
    ♥ Nadin/Nadeen नदीन-lord of river, ocean
    Here नदी means river +इन means lord or chief
    ♥ Nadij/Nadeej नदीज – river-born, lotus, coming
    from river. Here नदी means river + ज means born
    ♥ Nadish/Nadeesh नदीश – lord of river, ocean
    Here नदी means river + ईश means lord
    # Nadinath नदीनाथ – lord of river, ocean
    Here नदी means river + नाथ means lord
    # Nadipati नदीपति – lord of river, ocean
    Here नदी means river + पति means lord
    # Nadikant नदीकान्त – lover of rivers, ocean, Vitex
    Negundo. Here नदी means river + कान्त means lover
    # Nadaraj नदीराज – lord of river, ocean
    Here नदी means river +राज means lord
    # Nadivank नदीवङ्क/नदीवंक – bend or arm of a
    river. Here नदी means river + वङ्क means bend
    or arm
    # Nadiveg नदीवेग -current or flow of a river
    Here नदी means river + वेग means current, flow
    # Nadikul/Nadikool नदीकूल -bank of a river
    Here नदी means river + कूल means bank
    # Naditir नदीतीर -bank of a river
    Here नदी means river + तीर means bank
    # Naditar नदीतर -crossing a river, swimming
    across a river
    Here नदी means river + तर means crossing
    # Nadijaat नदीजात – Premna Spinosa or
    Longifolia. Here नदी means river + जात means born
    # Nadijya नदीज्ञ – knowing the course of river, one
    who knows the course of rivers
    Here नदी means river + ज्ञ means knowing
    # Nadibhav नदीभव -‘river-born’, river-salt
    Here नदी means river + भव means born
    # Nadidatt नदीदत्त -‘river-given’
    Here नदी means river + दत्त means given
    # Nadidhar नदीधर -bearer of river(Ganges-
    bearer) , Shiva
    Here नदी means river + धर means bearer
    # Nadinad नदीनद -the rivers (conceived as males
    & females)
    Here नदी means river in feminine form + नद means
    river in masculine form
    # Nadinam नदीनाम -having the name of a
    river. Here नदी means river + नाम means name
    # Nadipank नदीपङ्क/नदीपंक -‘river-mud’.
    Here नदी means river + पङ्क means mud
    ♥ Narap नरप- king, man-protector
    It is joining of नर+प Here नर means males, men +प
    means protector
    # Naravir/Narveer नरवीर- king,Brave among men
    or males
    Here नर means men +वीर means brave, warrior
    # Narendra नरेन्द्र- lord of men, king, prince
    Here नर means men, males + इन्द्र means lord, king
    ♥Naren नरेन- chief or lord of men, Prince, King
    Here नर means men +इन means king, master, chief
    [It is also considered as short form of word
    # Naradhip नराधिप-lord of men, king.
    Here नर means men +अधिप means ruler, king
    # Nararaj नरराज – king or master of men, King.
    Here नर means men +राज means ruler, king
    # Naradev/Nardev नरदेव- lord of men, King
    Here नर means men, males +देव means lord
    # Naresh नरेश – Lord of men, King.
    Here नर means men +ईश means lord
    # Naranayak/Narnayak नरनायक- man-leader, king
    Here नर means man +नायक means leader
    # Narapungav/Narpungav नरपुङ्गव/नरपुंगव-
    ‘ Man-bull’, an excellent hero, best of men or
    heroes. Here नर means man, male + पुङ्गव means hero, eminent person, bull
    # Naravat नरवत्- like a man, mannish. Here नर
    means man, male, masculine + वत् as a
    suffix means one having
    Hence it means one having masculinity
    # Naravar/Narvar नरवर-an excellent man.
    Here नर means man + वर means excellent
    # Narasinh नरसिंह – ‘man-lion’, great warrior, An
    avatar of lord ‘Vishnu’. Here नर means man + सिंह means lion
    # Narabhu नरभू- land of men birthplace of men,
    Ancient India (Bharatavarsha/भारतवर्ष).
    Here नर means man +भू means land
    # Narapriya/Narpriya नरप्रिय – favourable to
    mankind. Here नर means mankind +प्रिय means favourable
    # Naravarottam नरवरोत्तम -the best of excellent
    men. Here नर means men +वर means excellent
    + उत्तम means best
    # Narottam नरोत्तम -excellent among men, best
    man. Here नर means man + उत्तम means excellent, best
    @ Narapati नरपति- lord or master of men, King.
    Here नर means men + पति means lord, master
    # Naranath/Narnath नरनाथ- lord of men, King
    # Niravadya निरवद्य- unblamable, unobjectionable, excellence. Here निर्/निः means without, not + अ means no + अवद्य collectively means not to be said
    # Niravayav निरवयव- indivisible, not consisting of
    parts. Here नि:/निर् means not or without + अवयव means
    parts, divisible
    # Niravarodh निरवरोध- unopposed, unrestrained
    Here नि:/निर् means not +अवरोध means opposition, restrictions
    # Nirargal निरर्गल- unbarred, unimpeded, free,
    irresistible, unobstructed. Here निर्/नि: means not
    + अर्गल means obstruction, barred
    # Nirakash निराकाश- completely filled, having no
    space. Here निर्/नि: means no + आकाश means
    # Niragnik निरग्निक- having no (consecrated)fire
    Here निः/निर् means having no or without + अग्निक means fire
    ♥ Niragh निरघ- sinless, free from faults. Here निर्/
    निः means not having/without + अरघ means sin,
    ♥Niratank निरातङ्क /निरातंक- free from fear or
    pain, not feeling or causing pain, comfortable
    Here निर्/निः means not or without + आतङ्क
    means fear, terror, pain
    # Niratap निरातप- not penetrated by sun’s rays,
    shady. Here निः/निर् means not +आतप means sunshine, penetrated by sun rays
    # Niradhan निराधान- unbridled .
    Here निर्/निः means not +आधान means bridled
    #Nirapeksh निरपेक्ष- indifferent to, independent,
    regardless, disinterested. Here निर्/नि: means not
    or without +अपेक्ष means different, regard,
    # Nirapay निरपाय- imperishable, infallible, free
    from harm or evil. Here निः/निर् means not + अपाय means perishable, harm
    # Nirapekshit निरपेक्षित- regardless. Here निः/निर्
    means not + अपेक्षित means regard
    # Nirapekshin निरपेक्षिन्-independent, indifferent
    Here निः/निर् means not or without + अपेक्षिन्
    means dependence, different
    # Nirapad निरापद्- prosperous, fortunate, secure
    Here निर्/निः means not +आपद्/आपदा means
    disaster, poverty,unlucky
    # Nirabadh निराबाध- undisturbed, unmolested,
    secure, frivolously or unreally vexatious. Here
    निर्/निः means not +आबाध means disturb,
    # Nirabhra/Nirabhr निराभ्र – cloudless, in a
    cloudless sky. Here निर्/निः means not or without
    + अभ्र means cloud
    # Nirabhiman निराभिमान- free from pride. Here
    निर्/निः means without + अभिमान means
    # Nirabhibhav निरभिभव- not subject to
    humiliation or disgrace, not to be surpassed.
    Here निर्/निः means not +अभिभव means
    disgrace, humiliation
    # Niramay निरामय- freedom from illness, health,
    welfare, entire, secure, pure, untainted, a wild
    goat, a hog. Here निर्/निः means not + आमय means illness, impure, uncomplete
    # Niramayam निरामयं -secure, complete, pure,
    free from illness. Here निर्/निः means not + आमयं means illness, impure, uncomplete
    It is noun form of निरामय
    # Niramitra/Niramitr निरामित्र- one without
    enemies, one having no rivals or enemy. Here
    निर्/निः means not or without + अमित्र
    means enemy
    # Niralamb निरालम्ब- self supported, alone,
    independent. Here निर्/निः means not or without + आलम्ब means support, dependence # Nishchay निश्चय- fixed opinion, conviction, fixed
    intention, decision, ascertainment
    # Nishchayin निश्चयिन्- of firm opinion or
    # Nishchayak निश्चायक- who or what ascertains
    & determines, decisive, determining
    # Nishcharak निश्चारक- voiding excrement, air,
    # Nishchit निश्चित- determined, settled,
    conclusion, decided, resolution
    # Nishchitam निश्चितं- determined, certainty,
    ♥ Narun नरुण- leader
    ♥ Nish निश- night
    @ Naish नैश- nocturnal, nightly, relating to night
    # Naishik नैशिक- nightly, happening at night
    ★ Nahus नहुस्- man, fellow-creature (friend),
    neighbour , ( in collectively) lineage, mankind
    ♥ Nahush नहुष- man, fellow-creature (friend), (in
    collectively) mankind, lineage
    ♣ Nahushya नहुष्य- descended from man, human
    # Nilip निलिप्- to besmear, anoint, to disappear
    ♥ Nip निप- lord, chief, protector
    ★ Narog नरोग- Healthy, well. Here न means not +
    रोग means disease
    ♥ Nadeen/Nadin नदीन- “not small”( large), “lord
    of river”(ocean). Here न means not + दीन means
    small. Here also नदी means river + इन means lord
    ♥ Naadin नादिन्- sounding, resonant, howling,
    roaring, pronounced with sound, sonant
    》Nut नुत- praised, commended
    ♥ Nishat निशत- shining at night
    # Nishaat निशात- sharpened, keen, whetted,
    polished. This name is also used by Muslims
    from Arabic language in which it means strong,
    # Nishant निशान्त- night-close, daybreak,
    allayed, tranquil, calm, customary, traditional, a
    house, dwelling, habitation, harem, seraglio
    Dharma. Here निशा means night + अन्त means
    end or close. Here नि is used as prefix + शान्त
    means calm
    》Nisham निशम्- to be extinguished, to appease,
    make quiet, to cool down, to observe, perceive,
    # Nishakar/Nishaakar निशाकर- night-maker,
    the moon, a cock. Here निशा means night + कर
    means maker
    @ Nishakant निशाकान्त- the beloved of
    Night,Moon. Here निशा means night + कान्त
    means beloved or husband
    ■ Nishakal निशाकाल- time of night. Here निशा
    means night + काल means time
    ♧Nishaketu निशाकेतु- The moon. Here निशा
    means night + केतु means symbol.
    ▶ Nishakshay निशाक्षय- close of night. Here
    निशा means night + क्षय means end or close
    ◆ Nishagan निशागण- A number of nights. Here
    निशा means A night + गण means a class, a
    ● Nishagam निशागम- the beginning of night.
    Here निशा means night + आगम means coming or
    ◆ Nishachar निशाचर- night-walking, moving
    about by night, a fiend or राक्षस, a jackal, an owl,
    Anas Casarca
    a snake ,a kind of ग्रन्थि-पर्ण. Here निशा means
    night + चर means walking, moving
    @ Nishacharapati/Nishachar-pati निशाचरपति-
    lord of night-walkers, Name of शिव. Here
    निशाचर means night walker + पति means lord
    # Nishath निशठ- not false, honest
    @ Nishamya निशम्य- hearing, having heard
    ▼ Nishamay निशमय- perceiving .I.e. coming into
    contact with, reaching
    ■ Nishamayat निशमयत्- hearing
    》Nishamayan निशमयन्- hearing
    � Nishaman निशमन- sight, hearing, perceiving
    ◆ Nishabd निशब्द- speechless, silent
    ♥ Niyan/Niyaan नियान- road, path
    》Nihar/Nihaar निहार/नीहार- mist, fog, heavy
    # Ninad निनद- sound, noise, crying, humming
    ◆ Ninaad निनाद- sound, noise, crying, humming
    ● Ninadit/Ninaadit निनादित- filled with noise,
    resonant with, sounded
    ♧ Ninadin/Ninaadin निनादिन्- sounding,
    resounding, crying, resonant with, causing to
    sound, playing (a musical instrument)
    ● Ninadh निनद्ध- fastened on, tied to
    ¥ Naadit/Nadit नादित- made to resound, sounding with, reverberant, sound, roar
    # Nakul नकुल- a son, a particular musical
    instrument, a myst, Bengal Mongoose or
    Ichneumon (enemy of mice & of serpents from
    whose venom it protects itself by a medicinal
    plant), A name of lord Shiva/शिव
    # Nakulak नकुलक- an ornament shaped like an
    Ichneumon, a kind of purse
    # Nakulesh नकुलेश- a form of Bhairava, a myst
    # Nakulish नकुलीश -a form of Bhairava, a myst
    # Niram निरम्- to rest,stop,gladden,give pleasure
    # Niy/Niya निय- rule
    # Navaneet/Navneet नवनीत- butter
    # Neeraj/Niraj नीरज- lotus(water-born)
    Here नीर means water + ज means born
    ♣ Niraaj/Neeraaj नीराज- illuminate, irradiate, to shine
    # Nihshank निःशङ्क/निःशंक- free from fear or
    risk, secure.Here it is joining of निः +शङ्क .Here निः means free/without & शङ्क means fear, risk
    # Nitar नितर- deeply fixed, standing firm
    # Nayat नयत्-leading, guiding, certifying
    # Nay नय- fit, right, leading thought, plan, behavior
    # Naay नाय- leader, guidance, expedient, means,
    # Nayak नायक- leader
    # Navodit नवोदित- newly risen. It is joining of नव+उदित .Here नव means new उदित means risen
    # Navoday नवोदय- new rise. It is joining of नव + उदय .Here नव means new & उदय means rise
    # Navaj नवज- new, young, recently born. Here
    नव means new + ज means born
    # Navan नवन- laudible, praiseworthy
    # Navin/Naveen नवीन- new, modern, young

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