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Aanya is a name, meaning of the name is ", , " from or origin. This name is mainly used in .

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  1. Sanskrit boy names starting from letter M
    हिन्दी, संस्कृत में भारतीय बच्चों के नाम अर्थ सहित म से आरंभ

    # Manuvat मनुवत्-like man or as becomes men
    # Manuvrit मनुवृत- chosen by men. Here मनु means men +वृत means chosen
    # Manubhu मनुभू-man, mankind, born from man or
    from first being on earth मनु का पुत्र. It is joining of
    मनु+भू Here मनु means father of mankind, man + भू means born
    # Manupreet/Manuprit मनुप्रीत- beloved by men
    Here मनु means men +प्रीत means beloved
    # Manupranit मनुप्रणीत- taught or promulgated by
    ‘Manu’. Here मनु means first man on earth + प्रणीत means promulgated
    # Madish मदिश- spirituous liquor
    # Milan मिलन- meeting, joining, union, contact
    # Maunik/Mounik मौनिक- like a saint
    # Medinidin मेदिनीदिन- natural day
    # Mohanak मोहनक- month chaitra (चैत्र मास)
    # Moham मोहम्/मोहं- wonder, bewildering, delusion
    ■ Mohin मोहिन्- deluding, attractive, perplexing
    # Mohaant मोहान्त- deep bewilderment of mind
    # Mohatmak मोहात्मक-causing delusion, causing
    # Mohat/Mohaat मोहात्- because of ignorance, by illusion
    # Mohay मोहाय- confusion, for bewildering, for
    # Markav/Maarkav मार्कव- false daisy
    ▲ Mooler मूलेर-a king, Indian spikenard. It is
    joining of मूल ( to be rooted)+ एरक् (as a suffix)
    # Manyu मन्यु- mind, sacrifice, rage, high spirit,
    passion, zeal, mood, wrath
    ☆ Mayukh मयूख- ray of light, lustre
    # Maariy मारीय- relating to god of love
    # Manujottan मनुजोत्तन- best of men
    # Manujottam मनुजोत्तम-best among men
    It is joining of मनुज+उत्तम Here मनुज means men
    उत्तम means best
    # Manasin मनसिन्- having intellect, mind or soul
    # Mukur मुकुर- blossom, bud,Arabian jasmine,mirror
    ▲ Makur मकुर- blossom, bud, Arabian jasmine
    # Marttik मार्त्तिक- earthen
    # Mokshak मोक्षक- liberator, reedeemer
    ▲ Mantu मन्तु- king, advisor, manager, advice, ruler ▲ Mahat महत्- great
    # Maahan माहन-Brahman
    It is joining of मा+हन .Here मा means prohibitive &
    हन means to kill (Brahman is prohibited to kill in
    # Mahakul माहाकुल- nobly born
    #Mahatimik माहातिमिक- ‘belonging to an exalted
    person, majestic, glorious
    #Mahatmik माहात्मिक-belonging to an exalted
    person, majestic, glorious
    # Mehanavat मेहनावत्- bestowing abundantly.
    Here मेहना means abundantly+वत् means one
    possessing or having
    # Mehanavant मेहनावंत्- bestowing abundantly.
    Here मेहना means abundantly+ वंत् means
    bestowing or having
    # Maris मरीस- milk
    ▲ Maarish/Marish मारिष- worthy friend,
    respectable man
    ▲ Muchir मुचिर- munificent, liberal, wind, deity,
    ■ Manu मनु-father of human race, first being on
    earth, man, wise, incantation
    # Manuj मनुज- son of lord ‘Manu’, human, man
    Here मनु means first human on earth, human being
    + ज means born
    # Manujat मनुजात- man, human
    ▲ Manus मनुस्- man
    ★ Maanush मानुष- man
    # Manujendra/Manujendr मनुजेन्द्र- king, lord of men,
    sovereign of men. It is joining of मनु+ज+इन्द्र. Here
    मनु means human + ज means born, मनुज collectively means men +इन्द्र means king
    ♣ Manujesh मनुजेश- king, lord of humans
    Here मनुज means men+ ईश means king
    # Manujapati मनुजपति- king, lord of men, sovereign
    of men. Here मनुज means men, humans+ पति means lord, master
    # Manujadhip मनुजाधिप- king, prince, sovereign of
    men. Here मनुज collectively means men + अधिप
    means sovereign, king
    # Mahit महित- honoured, worshipped, esteemed
    # Mahitam महितम्- honoured
    # Mahitvam महित्वम्- greatness, might
    ★Mahiman महिमन्- greatness, glory, majesty, might,
    high rank
    ♣ Mahim महिम- might, great,glorious
    # Mahinam महिनाम्- sovereignty, dominion
    # Mahisth महिष्ठ- great, largest
    ▼ Mahikshit महिक्षित्- A king, sovereign
    Here महि means earth/great +क्षित् means ruler
    # Mahimat महिमत्- much, abundant, marriage-fire
    # Mahanad माहानद- relating to a great river
    # Mahimadhvan महिमाधवन्- King, earth-lord
    # Mahimahendra महीमहेन्द्र- king, great Indra of
    earth. Here महि means earth +महेन्द्र means great
    Indra or great king
    # Mahinavat माहिनावत्- excited, exhilarated, great
    ♥Mahin महिन/महीन- King, prince,cheerful, mighty
    ♥ Maahin माहिन- cheerful, mighty, blithe, dominion
    # Mahiratna/Mahiratn महिरत्न- possessing great
    treasures .Here महि means great +रत्न means
    # Mahindra/Mahindr महीन्द्र- earth-chief, king.
    Here महि means earth +इन्द्र means lord, chief
    ♥ Mahip/Maheep महीप- earth-protector, king
    Here महि/मही means earth +प means protection
    ▲ Mayu मयु- deer
    ♥ Maayu मायु- bleating, bellowing, bile, humour,
    roaring, mooing
    # Mayas मयस्- delight, refreshment
    # Maayin मायिन- magic, artful, illusory, juggler, magician, Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna
    ▲ Maayik/Mayik मायिक- magic, creating illusion, juggler, conjurer
    # Mayakar मायाकार- conjurer, juggler
    # Mayamay मायामय- illusive, magical
    # Mayur मयूर- peacock
    # Maayur मायूर- dear to peacock, made of peacock’s feathers
    ◆ Mayusv/Mayusva मयूस्व- ray
    MEANING OF Unique & Modern SANSKRIT BOY NAMES Starting from letter M
    ♧ Madra मद्र-hapiness, joy, personification of first
    melody/मूर्छना, a king of Madras
    # Maadra माद्र- king of Madras
    ◆ Madrap मद्रप- King of Madras. Here मद्र means
    country Madras + प means protector, ruler
    ♧ Madresh मद्रेश- King of Madras. Here मद्र means
    Madras country +ईश means chief, king
    ● Madrak मद्रक- prince of Madras, person
    belonging to Madras
    # Murmur मुर्मुर-God of love, burning chaff
    # Murtip मूर्तिप- priest who guards an idol, image-
    keeper. Here मूर्ति means idol +प from word पा
    means protector
    # Medh मेध- marrow, any sacrifice, broth, sap,
    essence, nourishing or strengthening drink
    ■ Medin मेदिन्- possessing vigour or energy, ally,
    friend, companion
    # Medak मेदक- spirituous liquor used for distillation
    # Medur मेदुर- bland, soft, thick, full of dense,
    # Mukul मुकुल- bud, body, soul, first tooth
    ♥ Makul मकुल- bud, Spanish cherry tree [ Mimusops Elengi – Bot. ]
    @ Maakuli माकुलि- kind of snake
    》Makulak/Makoolak मकूलक- wild Croton plant
    [ Croton Polyandrum – Bot. ]
    # Mukulay मुकुलय- to cause to close or shut (the
    # Mukulit मुकुलित- closed(like a bud), budded, full of
    # Mukulayit मुकुलायित- budded, blossomed
    ☆ Mukulin मुकुलिन्- budding, full of buds
    ♣ Muku मुकु- freedom, liberation
    # Mukun मुकुन्- freedom, liberation
    # Mukum मुकुम्- freedom
    ★ Mukund/Mukunda मुकुन्द- kind of precious stone
    (quicksilver), One who liberates, Name of a
    tresure of Kubera, A name of lord Vishnu. Here मुकु
    means liberation(from passion) +उन्द means to
    wet, to sprinkle OR it may be formed by joining of
    मुकुन् +द (दा) Here मुकुन् means freedom +द means
    # Mukuray/Mukuraay मुकुराय- become a mirror
    ▼ Muktak मुक्तक- independent, separate, missile
    # Muktakar मुक्तकर- liberal, open handed, one who
    liberates. Here मुक्त means free +कर means one
    who does, happening
    # Muktahar मुक्ताहार- string of pearls. Here मुक्ता means pearls + हार means string, necklace
    # Mandit मण्डित- adorned, decorated
    # Mandayat मन्दयत्- delighting, rejoicing
    # Mandrayu मन्द्रयु- pleasant
    # Mandisth मन्दिष्ठ- most delightful
    # Mandasaan मन्दसान- joyous, inspirited,
    intoxicated, fire, life, sleep
    # Mandahas मन्दहास- smile, laugh slowly. Here मन्द
    means slow, gentle + हास means smile
    # Mandarav मन्दरव- murmur. Here मन्द means slow
    + रव means sound
    ♥ Mandan मन्दन- cheerful
    # Mandan मण्डन- ornament, adorning
    # Mandu मन्दु- joyous, pleased, cheerful
    # Mandanil मन्दानिल- gentle breeze. Here मन्द
    means gentle +अनिल means breeze
    #Mandam मन्दम्- gradually ,(ind.) tardily,
    slightly, softly, slowly, in low voice
    # Mandh मन्ध- a kind of antelope
    # Mandin मन्दिन्- delighted, delighting,
    # Mandra मन्द्र- sounding or speaking pleasantly,
    low, charming, hollow (m.) lower tone, species
    of elephant
    # Mandag मन्दग- moving or flowing slowly,
    an epithet for planet Saturn. Here मन्द means
    slow +ग means going
    # Mandat मन्दट- Coral tree
    # Mandak मण्डक- sort of pastry or baked flour,
    particular musical air
    # Mandaak मन्दाक- praise, stream, current
    # Mandar मन्दर- large, firm, tardy, slow,
    mirror, heaven
    # Mandaar मन्दार- heaven, thorn apple
    # Mandayu मन्दयु- cheerful, happy

  2. MEANING OF SANSKRIT BOY NAMES Starting from letter N used by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists
    ♥Namat नमत- master, lord, actor, mime, a cloud,
    bent, crooked
    #Namat नमत्- bending bowing, stooping
    #Naman नमन- bending, bowing, sinking
    #Namayat नमयत्- besiding, inclining, bending
    #Namayan नमयन्- besiding, inclining, bending
    ♥Namas नमस- favourable ,kind, agreement
    # Namas नमस्- bow, obeisance, reverential
    salutation, adoration (by gesture or word)
    # Namasan नमसान- paying obeisance, worshipping
    # Namayishnu नमयिष्णु- bowing, bending
    # Namasyu नमस्यु- bowing down, worshipping,
    doing homage
    # Namasya नमस्य- to pay homage, worship, be
    humble or deferential
    # Namasvat नमस्वत्- paying or inspiring veneration
    # Namasyat नमस्यत्-saluting reverentially, paying
    adoration (by gesture or words)
    # Namasyan नमस्यन्- saluting reverentially, paying
    adoration (by gesture or words)
    # Namasvin नमस्विन्- worshipping, reverential
    # Namasyit नमस्यित- respected, worshipped,
    ♥ Namasit नमसित- respected, worshipped
    # Namasitam नमसितं- respected,
    ♥ Nadin/Nadeen नदीन-lord of river, ocean
    Here नदी means river +इन means lord or chief
    ♥ Nadij/Nadeej नदीज – river-born, lotus, coming
    from river. Here नदी means river + ज means born
    ♥ Nadish/Nadeesh नदीश – lord of river, ocean
    Here नदी means river + ईश means lord
    # Nadinath नदीनाथ – lord of river, ocean
    Here नदी means river + नाथ means lord
    # Nadipati नदीपति – lord of river, ocean
    Here नदी means river + पति means lord
    # Nadikant नदीकान्त – lover of rivers, ocean, Vitex
    Negundo. Here नदी means river + कान्त means lover
    # Nadaraj नदीराज – lord of river, ocean
    Here नदी means river +राज means lord
    # Nadivank नदीवङ्क/नदीवंक – bend or arm of a
    river. Here नदी means river + वङ्क means bend
    or arm
    # Nadiveg नदीवेग -current or flow of a river
    Here नदी means river + वेग means current, flow
    # Nadikul/Nadikool नदीकूल -bank of a river
    Here नदी means river + कूल means bank
    # Naditir नदीतीर -bank of a river
    Here नदी means river + तीर means bank
    # Naditar नदीतर -crossing a river, swimming
    across a river
    Here नदी means river + तर means crossing
    # Nadijaat नदीजात – Premna Spinosa or
    Longifolia. Here नदी means river + जात means born
    # Nadijya नदीज्ञ – knowing the course of river, one
    who knows the course of rivers
    Here नदी means river + ज्ञ means knowing
    # Nadibhav नदीभव -‘river-born’, river-salt
    Here नदी means river + भव means born
    # Nadidatt नदीदत्त -‘river-given’
    Here नदी means river + दत्त means given
    # Nadidhar नदीधर -bearer of river(Ganges-
    bearer) , Shiva
    Here नदी means river + धर means bearer
    # Nadinad नदीनद -the rivers (conceived as males
    & females)
    Here नदी means river in feminine form + नद means
    river in masculine form
    # Nadinam नदीनाम -having the name of a
    river. Here नदी means river + नाम means name
    # Nadipank नदीपङ्क/नदीपंक -‘river-mud’.
    Here नदी means river + पङ्क means mud
    ♥ Narap नरप- king, man-protector
    It is joining of नर+प Here नर means males, men +प
    means protector
    # Naravir/Narveer नरवीर- king,Brave among men
    or males
    Here नर means men +वीर means brave, warrior
    # Narendra नरेन्द्र- lord of men, king, prince
    Here नर means men, males + इन्द्र means lord, king
    ♥Naren नरेन- chief or lord of men, Prince, King
    Here नर means men +इन means king, master, chief
    [It is also considered as short form of word
    # Naradhip नराधिप-lord of men, king.
    Here नर means men +अधिप means ruler, king
    # Nararaj नरराज – king or master of men, King.
    Here नर means men +राज means ruler, king
    # Naradev/Nardev नरदेव- lord of men, King
    Here नर means men, males +देव means lord
    # Naresh नरेश – Lord of men, King.
    Here नर means men +ईश means lord
    # Naranayak/Narnayak नरनायक- man-leader, king
    Here नर means man +नायक means leader
    # Narapungav/Narpungav नरपुङ्गव/नरपुंगव-
    ‘ Man-bull’, an excellent hero, best of men or
    heroes. Here नर means man, male + पुङ्गव means hero, eminent person, bull
    # Naravat नरवत्- like a man, mannish. Here नर
    means man, male, masculine + वत् as a
    suffix means one having
    Hence it means one having masculinity
    # Naravar/Narvar नरवर-an excellent man.
    Here नर means man + वर means excellent
    # Narasinh नरसिंह – ‘man-lion’, great warrior, An
    avatar of lord ‘Vishnu’. Here नर means man + सिंह means lion
    # Narabhu नरभू- land of men birthplace of men,
    Ancient India (Bharatavarsha/भारतवर्ष).
    Here नर means man +भू means land
    # Narapriya/Narpriya नरप्रिय – favourable to
    mankind. Here नर means mankind +प्रिय means favourable
    # Naravarottam नरवरोत्तम -the best of excellent
    men. Here नर means men +वर means excellent
    + उत्तम means best
    # Narottam नरोत्तम -excellent among men, best
    man. Here नर means man + उत्तम means excellent, best
    @ Narapati नरपति- lord or master of men, King.
    Here नर means men + पति means lord, master
    # Naranath/Narnath नरनाथ- lord of men, King
    # Niravadya निरवद्य- unblamable, unobjectionable, excellence. Here निर्/निः means without, not + अ means no + अवद्य collectively means not to be said
    # Niravayav निरवयव- indivisible, not consisting of
    parts. Here नि:/निर् means not or without + अवयव means
    parts, divisible
    # Niravarodh निरवरोध- unopposed, unrestrained
    Here नि:/निर् means not +अवरोध means opposition, restrictions
    # Nirargal निरर्गल- unbarred, unimpeded, free,
    irresistible, unobstructed. Here निर्/नि: means not
    + अर्गल means obstruction, barred
    # Nirakash निराकाश- completely filled, having no
    space. Here निर्/नि: means no + आकाश means
    # Niragnik निरग्निक- having no (consecrated)fire
    Here निः/निर् means having no or without + अग्निक means fire
    ♥ Niragh निरघ- sinless, free from faults. Here निर्/
    निः means not having/without + अरघ means sin,
    ♥Niratank निरातङ्क /निरातंक- free from fear or
    pain, not feeling or causing pain, comfortable
    Here निर्/निः means not or without + आतङ्क
    means fear, terror, pain
    # Niratap निरातप- not penetrated by sun’s rays,
    shady. Here निः/निर् means not +आतप means sunshine, penetrated by sun rays
    # Niradhan निराधान- unbridled .
    Here निर्/निः means not +आधान means bridled
    #Nirapeksh निरपेक्ष- indifferent to, independent,
    regardless, disinterested. Here निर्/नि: means not
    or without +अपेक्ष means different, regard,
    # Nirapay निरपाय- imperishable, infallible, free
    from harm or evil. Here निः/निर् means not + अपाय means perishable, harm
    # Nirapekshit निरपेक्षित- regardless. Here निः/निर्
    means not + अपेक्षित means regard
    # Nirapekshin निरपेक्षिन्-independent, indifferent
    Here निः/निर् means not or without + अपेक्षिन्
    means dependence, different
    # Nirapad निरापद्- prosperous, fortunate, secure
    Here निर्/निः means not +आपद्/आपदा means
    disaster, poverty,unlucky
    # Nirabadh निराबाध- undisturbed, unmolested,
    secure, frivolously or unreally vexatious. Here
    निर्/निः means not +आबाध means disturb,
    # Nirabhra/Nirabhr निराभ्र – cloudless, in a
    cloudless sky. Here निर्/निः means not or without
    + अभ्र means cloud
    # Nirabhiman निराभिमान- free from pride. Here
    निर्/निः means without + अभिमान means
    # Nirabhibhav निरभिभव- not subject to
    humiliation or disgrace, not to be surpassed.
    Here निर्/निः means not +अभिभव means
    disgrace, humiliation
    # Niramay निरामय- freedom from illness, health,
    welfare, entire, secure, pure, untainted, a wild
    goat, a hog. Here निर्/निः means not + आमय means illness, impure, uncomplete
    # Niramayam निरामयं -secure, complete, pure,
    free from illness. Here निर्/निः means not + आमयं means illness, impure, uncomplete
    It is noun form of निरामय
    # Niramitra/Niramitr निरामित्र- one without
    enemies, one having no rivals or enemy. Here
    निर्/निः means not or without + अमित्र
    means enemy
    # Niralamb निरालम्ब- self supported, alone,
    independent. Here निर्/निः means not or without + आलम्ब means support, dependence # Nishchay निश्चय- fixed opinion, conviction, fixed
    intention, decision, ascertainment
    # Nishchayin निश्चयिन्- of firm opinion or
    # Nishchayak निश्चायक- who or what ascertains
    & determines, decisive, determining
    # Nishcharak निश्चारक- voiding excrement, air,
    # Nishchit निश्चित- determined, settled,
    conclusion, decided, resolution
    # Nishchitam निश्चितं- determined, certainty,
    ♥ Narun नरुण- leader
    ♥ Nish निश- night
    @ Naish नैश- nocturnal, nightly, relating to night
    # Naishik नैशिक- nightly, happening at night
    ★ Nahus नहुस्- man, fellow-creature (friend),
    neighbour , ( in collectively) lineage, mankind
    ♥ Nahush नहुष- man, fellow-creature (friend), (in
    collectively) mankind, lineage
    ♣ Nahushya नहुष्य- descended from man, human
    # Nilip निलिप्- to besmear, anoint, to disappear
    ♥ Nip निप- lord, chief, protector
    ★ Narog नरोग- Healthy, well. Here न means not +
    रोग means disease
    ♥ Nadeen/Nadin नदीन- “not small”( large), “lord
    of river”(ocean). Here न means not + दीन means
    small. Here also नदी means river + इन means lord
    ♥ Naadin नादिन्- sounding, resonant, howling,
    roaring, pronounced with sound, sonant
    》Nut नुत- praised, commended
    ♥ Nishat निशत- shining at night
    # Nishaat निशात- sharpened, keen, whetted,
    polished. This name is also used by Muslims
    from Arabic language in which it means strong,
    # Nishant निशान्त- night-close, daybreak,
    allayed, tranquil, calm, customary, traditional, a
    house, dwelling, habitation, harem, seraglio
    Dharma. Here निशा means night + अन्त means
    end or close. Here नि is used as prefix + शान्त
    means calm
    》Nisham निशम्- to be extinguished, to appease,
    make quiet, to cool down, to observe, perceive,
    # Nishakar/Nishaakar निशाकर- night-maker,
    the moon, a cock. Here निशा means night + कर
    means maker
    @ Nishakant निशाकान्त- the beloved of
    Night,Moon. Here निशा means night + कान्त
    means beloved or husband
    ■ Nishakal निशाकाल- time of night. Here निशा
    means night + काल means time
    ♧Nishaketu निशाकेतु- The moon. Here निशा
    means night + केतु means symbol.
    ▶ Nishakshay निशाक्षय- close of night. Here
    निशा means night + क्षय means end or close
    ◆ Nishagan निशागण- A number of nights. Here
    निशा means A night + गण means a class, a
    ● Nishagam निशागम- the beginning of night.
    Here निशा means night + आगम means coming or
    ◆ Nishachar निशाचर- night-walking, moving
    about by night, a fiend or राक्षस, a jackal, an owl,
    Anas Casarca
    a snake ,a kind of ग्रन्थि-पर्ण. Here निशा means
    night + चर means walking, moving
    @ Nishacharapati/Nishachar-pati निशाचरपति-
    lord of night-walkers, Name of शिव. Here
    निशाचर means night walker + पति means lord
    # Nishath निशठ- not false, honest
    @ Nishamya निशम्य- hearing, having heard
    ▼ Nishamay निशमय- perceiving .I.e. coming into
    contact with, reaching
    ■ Nishamayat निशमयत्- hearing
    》Nishamayan निशमयन्- hearing
    � Nishaman निशमन- sight, hearing, perceiving
    ◆ Nishabd निशब्द- speechless, silent
    ♥ Niyan/Niyaan नियान- road, path
    》Nihar/Nihaar निहार/नीहार- mist, fog, heavy
    # Ninad निनद- sound, noise, crying, humming
    ◆ Ninaad निनाद- sound, noise, crying, humming
    ● Ninadit/Ninaadit निनादित- filled with noise,
    resonant with, sounded
    ♧ Ninadin/Ninaadin निनादिन्- sounding,
    resounding, crying, resonant with, causing to
    sound, playing (a musical instrument)
    ● Ninadh निनद्ध- fastened on, tied to
    ¥ Naadit/Nadit नादित- made to resound, sounding with, reverberant, sound, roar
    # Nakul नकुल- a son, a particular musical
    instrument, a myst, Bengal Mongoose or
    Ichneumon (enemy of mice & of serpents from
    whose venom it protects itself by a medicinal
    plant), A name of lord Shiva/शिव
    # Nakulak नकुलक- an ornament shaped like an
    Ichneumon, a kind of purse
    # Nakulesh नकुलेश- a form of Bhairava, a myst
    # Nakulish नकुलीश -a form of Bhairava, a myst
    # Niram निरम्- to rest,stop,gladden,give pleasure
    # Niy/Niya निय- rule
    # Navaneet/Navneet नवनीत- butter
    # Neeraj/Niraj नीरज- lotus(water-born)
    Here नीर means water + ज means born
    ♣ Niraaj/Neeraaj नीराज- illuminate, irradiate, to shine
    # Nihshank निःशङ्क/निःशंक- free from fear or
    risk, secure.Here it is joining of निः +शङ्क .Here निः means free/without & शङ्क means fear, risk
    # Nitar नितर- deeply fixed, standing firm
    # Nayat नयत्-leading, guiding, certifying
    # Nay नय- fit, right, leading thought, plan, behavior
    # Naay नाय- leader, guidance, expedient, means,
    # Nayak नायक- leader
    # Navodit नवोदित- newly risen. It is joining of नव+उदित .Here नव means new उदित means risen
    # Navoday नवोदय- new rise. It is joining of नव + उदय .Here नव means new & उदय means rise
    # Navaj नवज- new, young, recently born. Here
    नव means new + ज means born
    # Navan नवन- laudible, praiseworthy
    # Navin/Naveen नवीन- new, modern, young

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