Buddhist Baby Names

Naming a child is a profoundly religious practice. In times when some parents are attracted like Dash and Blaze; or associated names such as Colt and Cannon, it is logical that others would be drawn to titles with philosophical, spiritual meanings and relations.

Such names can create a great first impression — they can set others at ease, making their wearer seem relaxed friendly and approachable. Overt than conventional virtue names, they hint that the wearer may aspire

A baby is given an identity and a place in the world by A title. It can be like a prayer said over a new life, about who the child will become as it comprises the parent’s hopes and what they could accomplish.

Іf уоu аrе а rеlіgіоus оr sріrіtuаllу іnсlіnеd реrsоn, а grеаt wау tо shоw уоur dеvоtіоn іs bу gіvіng уоur bаbу а fаіth-іnsріrеd nаmе.

Here we give a short list of baby names inspired by spirituality to you. Some are names from texts, and others represent different aspects of traditions and beliefs.

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