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Parsis, the Iranian Zoroastrians descendants, is the community in India. While the majority of the Indian surnames reflect the lineage or caste, Parsis’ name reflects their business or occupation, with some names ending in ‘wall.’ This is because of the influence of the British.

But it was the same. Untіl thе mіd оf thе Вrіtіsh rulе, Раrsіs fоllоwеd thе раtrоnуmіс sуstеm fоr nаmіng thеіr kids, in which the name is the name and the second name is the father’s name. In the 19th century, the Parsis adopted the European system of surnames, in which the family name could be passed down the generations. This doesn’t mean that the names or patronymic names aren’t being used. They are very much in use, particularly amongst Parsi families.

We have collected modern, unique boys and girls parsi name with their meanings and origins.

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