Cyra Name Meaning

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Cyra is a name, meaning of the name is "" from or or origin.

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Numerical for Name Cyra is 2

Rulling Planet: The Moon
Colors: Green, Cream
Gemstones: Pearl, Jade, Moonstone
Qualities: Diplomatic, Sensitive

Person with the name Cyra as Numerical 2 is extremely sensitive and insightful, and makings of a born diplomat. Life path will lead to seek balance and harmony in everything to do, and one of the major lessons of this life path number is to learn to balance on sensitivity. Rather than becoming hurt or resentful because of unusual sensitivity, and must learn to use this gift to build cooperation, teach compromise and patience, and become a peacemaker. Cyra is a born to relate to others and mission in life is to bring people together. Cyra is successful in any venture that allows to mediate, negotiate, take care of details or gather facts. Cyra is a awareness, diplomatic skills and organizational talents gives the unique ability to accomplish much.


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